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Mar 4, 2009 05:29 PM

Thai Basil - Throw down with Bobbby Flay

I used to work right near there, but never step in. And there are at least 2 other Thai places within 5 mile radius to them that I frequent. Has anyone been there? What, besides her pad thai, makes the place known?

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  1. I've heard it mentioned for good finds near Dulles either here or on Sietsema's chats.

    loved the story of stealing peppers from the Thai embassy.

    1. I almost always get the Pad Thai, love it! My friend usually gets Drunken Noodles. When I was counting points, I had the Garlic Chicken (from the On the Lighter Side section), which was good and VERY garlicky. I've also tried some other noodles dishes that were on the Specials menu. Spring rolls are also good.

      What Thai places did you go to around here? I choose Thai Basil over the ones closeby.

      1. not to hijack the thread, but i was wondering if any of you chowhounds were in the audience for the throwdown? i'd love to have the "inside" scoop on how the whole event actually took place.

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          i didn't see it..... what was the challenge and who won?

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                We finally watched the throwdown last night. Was there ever a throwdown in which the outcome was less in doubt? From the second I heard about this one, knowing Nongkran Daks' back story, I knew Bobby would get smoked, but when he was in the test kitchen and he poured in some soy sauce to give his pad thai more color, you knew he was in really big trouble. And sure enough, one of the judges busted him on the soy sauce (fAfter about one bite, her comment was something like "Is that soy sauce? that is 'not pad thai'")."

                Great to see one of our local eateries featured. We need to get back to Thai Basil. It's in such a rumpty-dumpty strip mall, but one that has several good ethnic eateries - -not to mention our Merchants Tire store.

              2. re: kubasd

                Has Bobby Flay ever won a Throwdown?

            1. i'm just surprised no hounds were there in person!

              1. They have a longstanding reputation for excellence. I am not a big fan of Thai but I do enjoy the food there. Not lately, though, and probs not for a good while to come, as they have plenty of business without mine; we tried to go there for lunch last Friday and there was a line OUT THE DOOR at a few minutes before noon.

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                  We went for the first time about a month ago on a Friday night and were able to walk in and get a table without waiting. Food was very good and enjoyable. Nongkran stopped by the table to chat with us and she is very nice and engaging.