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Mar 4, 2009 05:26 PM

falafel/shawarma stands

I am born and raised in los angeles but specifically the valley (sherman oaks area). there are so many good israeli style spots to go to for homemade laffas and amazing shawarma of all sorts... beef/lamb, turkey, chicken.... i am amazed that i cant satisfy my craving anywhere in the hollywood/los angeles area. can anybody help? (dont say arax falafel cuz i will flip out)

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  1. Try Falafel Arax on Santa Monica Blvd and I think Normandie. The shawarma is very good.

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        1. re: TailbackU

          Apparently not :)
          The shawarma is fine BTW.

      1. can you tell me in the Sherman Oaks area where there is good swarma? or anywhere else in the valley?

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        1. re: traumachef

          haven't tried it yet but the firehouse is pretty darn popular. as well as Pita Pocket in Northridge.

          my bad sherman oaks, then go after Pita Kitchen on Van Nuys, a block south of Ventura.

          1. re: kevin

            pita pockets is the best ive had (closest to jerusalem style). pita kitchen has great things including beef/lamb shawarma which i love the most although their laffas are not homemade. hummus bar in tarzana is awesome and has homemade delicious laffas and amazing salads and stuff (it can get quite pricey though).

          2. re: traumachef

            Theres great shwarma at hamakom grill its a truck and its usually parked at ventura and zelza
            check out the site
            I like it a lot.
            As far as falafel, I havent really found much great falafel in los angeles. I really like Habayit on Pico just east of bundy.

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              I haven't been there since I moved out -- but have you been to Top Falafel, which is quite literally behind the Burger King on Coldwater Canyon just north of Victory? I mean, I think the address has a 1/4 in it, that's how small it is, and the guy who runs it looks like he's one step past a "khlav kalash" cart on a corner in Manhattan -- but I still dream of those falafel, hot DAMN that sandwich must be made with crack.

              Agree on Skaf's, though in five hundred or more visits to that place I've never once eaten a falafel there -- the whiteboard specials menu means that I've only ordered off the main menu a handful of times.

              Skaf's Grill
              6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

              Skaf's Grill
              367 N Chevy Chase Dr, Glendale, CA 91206

              Top Falafel
              6424 Coldwater Canyon Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606

              1. re: ldodb

                I like the falafel at Habayit but would advise skipping the shawarma.

              2. re: traumachef

                In Sherman Oaks, I'm pretty fond of Pita Kitchen on Van Nuys, South of Ventura. Check it out:

              3. Skafs on Laurel Canyon and Oxnard ....excellent shawarma , hummos, and falafels. Actually I like just about everything there.

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                  Based on recs from this board, went to Skaf's on Friday night. I was really disappointed. The falafels were good as were, the babaganoush and yogurt salads. the hummus was acceptable. On the down side, the kabob assortment was over cooked while the shwarma was as close to shoe leather as I've ever eaten and I've eaten a LOT of shwarma. On a scale of 1-10, I'd have to give Skaf's a 4. Probably wouldn't go back.

                2. I have never had dry meat at Skafs although at every restaurant I go to I do ask for red meat rare and the chicken moist or I can't eat it. Skafs has always acommdated me and I have never been disappointed. Sorry I didn't mention that before.