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Mar 4, 2009 05:17 PM

Man Vs Food

Could someone explain to me the point of this show. This man is actually being paid to gorge himself to the point of throwing up. Why do we find this amusing? I watched it tonight and I was ashamed, that we fat americans actually had a show about eating to much. Am I wrong?

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  1. Thank you for writing what I have been itching to say, but hadn't dared. I thought it might have been a cultural and generational thing: I'm Filipino; my parents and grandparents lived through WWII and never let me forget how precious food is. I have no problem with Zimmern eating bugs, or Bourdain dining on sphincter muscles, but I found this show revolting.

    Living in more prosperous times, I cannot claim to have never wasted any food, but I have never done so in a premeditated way. I probably enjoy my food more than most people (here I am on Chowhound, after all), but the premise of the show--an adversarial relationship between human beings and our food--is not just warped, it's downright stupid. And at a time when a growing number of people in the U.S. face living off food stamps, the show is gratuitously disrespectful.

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      Well the show is about places that offer food challenges. These are not the regular plates at these locations, these are usually a marketing tool that these places use to get attention. also most of these places are one off family owned restaurants so if citing less than prosperous times these are the places that should get attention. You can also really only have two kinds of challenges 1) too hot to eat 2) too much to eat

      I don't prescribe to the this is why Americans over eat sermon and the show is no more disrespectful to those on hard times than eating an $80 tasting menu and a wine pairing - that's about a weeks worth of groceries.

      Its a show

    2. I found the show entertaining.

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        Hell yeah, people need to lighten up. An as for the fat Americans comment, speak for yourselves :-P

      2. I don't even watch the Commercial.

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          My husband TiVo'd it simply because we want some new food shows to watch and he just saw the title. I can now delete those and reprogram the season pass option. I'm sure it will be a huge success without my viewership.

        2. The food challenges are not pretty, although not all challenges are based strictly on quantity. Many times he's challenged to eat spicy food. Again, it's not pretty to watch a grown fat man cry. The rest of the show where he travels to different cities and eat local foods is kinda cool (similar to diners, drive-ins and dives except the host Adam isn't a d-bag).

          1. I must have some pretty low-brow tastes, because I find the show amusing. And I agree with Chris - the things Adam eats are the get-'em-in-the-door, oh-wow-is-he-really-gonna-eat-that special challenges, not the normal plates that are served at these restaurants. I like the fact that he highlights local joints - I've not watched every episode of the show, but I've yet to see him visit a chain.

            Personally, in this economy, I find this show more appealing than the worldwide travel and live in the lap of luxury shows. But that's just me - to each his/her own.

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            1. re: Suzy Q

              Suzy I agree with you, I like this show too. Gives me a chance to see restaurants that I know I'll never be able to go to, kinda like Guy's DDD. I like Adam and I do find him entertaining. And it IS better than those vacation shows. I watched one last night about the top 10 Carribean resorts. Yeah, I'd stay at one if I had Bill Gates kind of money.