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Mar 4, 2009 04:56 PM

DFW - Frog Legs

Help, Please. 10yr old future Hounder as request Frog Legs for her Bday dinner. I really thought Lavanou in Plano would have them as the same guy owns it who at Chez Gerard and they had them, but did not see them. I remember having great ones at Matt's original on Ferguson, but don't know if the Lakewood location has them and I could not pull up their menu....I know some Vietnamese places would have them but many of the guests may freak by that. Any ideas???? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nate's Seafood - Addison
    Top Cat - multiple locations
    And I think Pappadeaux used to have them.

    I'd verify all of these by phone.

    1. You should also call Watel's Allen Street Cottage in Uptown and see if they can do frog legs. Their online menu states that if they don't list something on the menu, but they have the ingredients, they'll make a dish on request:

      1. Thanks for all the replies. I'll give her the choice.

        1. All Uncle Julio's locations serve mesquite grilled frog legs. They also have combinations plates that feature the frog legs paired with fajitas, or some of the other mesquite grilled items like shrimp or ribs.

          1. I'd just like to say how fabulous that your 10yr old wants frog legs, and how do I get my kids to be like that!?!?!!? Happy birthday to your foodie!