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Mar 4, 2009 04:47 PM

"Special Quesadillas" from the Imperial Valley

Does anyone have a recipe?

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  1. Is this a very puffy flour tortilla filled with cheese? Not chile rellenos , right.

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      1. re: ibstatguy

        I have had some success, when making flour tortillas, with adding a small amount of baking powder and dropping them into a pan with about 3/4 inch to 1 inch of oil. They puff up nicely and if I fold/roll cheese and peppers into them immediately then move them to a pan that has no oil of its own (uses the residue oil on the tortilla) to finish up they turn out pretty good.
        See if you can Google for a Sopaipillos recipe (Not Sopapias). They don't typically include BP as an ingredient but puff nicely just the same and I think they could be used in a similar fashion.

        1. re: todao

          these quesadillas are not like sopapillos at all. They are definitely flour tortillas that are grilled like regular tortillas and then the cheese is folded inside, the edges are crimped and then the lot is tossed in a deep fryer.

        2. re: ibstatguy

          This is what they look like... before the deep frying and after.

          1. re: janetms383

            now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

            1. re: ibstatguy

              Amen!!! I would mug someone for one of those right now!

      2. Thought maybe Camacho's Place would have the recipe but nothing on the web but a review on yelp..
        "Special quesadillas - deep fried with great mexican cheese"
        Sounds delicious..when I make my flour quesadillas some puff up with large air pockets and then I stuff them with cheese in hot oil in a skillet..
        Golden brown cheese bombs of beauty.

        1. It's definitely Comacho's that you're talking about. My parents moved to Yuma from San Diego and I would be sure to stop there when I drove over.

          I don't know what kind of cheese they use, it's one of the Mexican varieties and I would venture to say, it's brought over the border rather than purchased in the US. And, I'm pretty sure those flour tortillas are fresh home made. I don't know if you could replicate the exact result with what you can buy locally.

          The flour tortilla is folder over the cheese and sealed shut almost like it's crimped. Then the whole thing is deep fried. Not like any other quesadilla I've ever had.

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          1. re: janetms383

            "Not like any other quesadilla I've ever had." yep

            1. re: ibstatguy

              Yo ibstatguy,
              So strange, I was born in Brawley in 1956. I have often thought of Special Quesadillas from La Hacienda and wished I could find a recipe.
              You're right, these are the best thing ever, can't figure why they never caught on anywhere else.
              Do you remember another restaraunt there called Portugee Joe's?

              1. re: CPB

                we used to get them at the Mt Signal Cafe on the old highway outside Calexico

                1. re: CPB

                  I grew up in Brawley too and remember these quesadillas. I looked and looked for the recipe on the internet and finally came across this website. Thougth I was dreaming them up there for awhile. I can't believe that no one has ever heard of them except for us few who have obviously one thing in common, The Imperial Valley. Go Figure!!

            2. I have slowly melted brie and mango, it is very good.

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              1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                I, too, am baffled by the fact that only those of us from the Imperial Valley know the true extent of what we're all talking about. Makes those 118 degree summers worth suffering through! All of you on here, please register on Facebook, search "Central Union HIgh School"...there are so many of us on there and we're always talking about the awesome food! We all probably already know each other! :)

                1. re: toninvegas

                  "Makes those 118 degree summers worth suffering through!"

                  My family is still in El Centro, and I lived there long ago when only rich people had air-conditioning, so I can't agree with that wild thought!

                  But I do agree that Imperial Valley special quesadillas are a great and unique contribution to American cuisine. I have them every time I visit.

              2. We lived in Imperial Vally most of our lives. We retired to Colorado and missed the local food including quesadillas. We decided to try to make some.

                We went to Wal-Mart. They had the following ingredients.

                La Abuela Brand Ready-to-Cook Tortillas
                These are raw, uncooked tortillas....not the ones already cooked and we use for burritos or tacos.
                Weslaco, TX

                La Chona Quesadilla
                Mexican Shredded Cheese
                Houston, TX

                We put the cheese on a tortilla, folded the tortilla in half, sealed the edges with a fork, cooked on high heat in olive oil. They were very, very similar to those in Imperial Valley in such restaurants as Camachos Place, Celias, La Fonda, etc.
                The package said you can seal the edges with milk or eggwash.

                We are happy campers.