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Mar 4, 2009 04:15 PM

Anyone been to the new Five Guys Burgers/Fries in Forest Hills Glendale?

Five guys had their grand opening flags I noticed last week, anyone been yet? It's next to Panera's in the Trader Joe-Home Depot Sprawl. Never been, what's good, know that they've gotten mixed reviews here at other locations, but for a first timer, what's recommended, and for a 3.5 year old, what's good, too...thanks

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  1. burgers are decent chain chow -- a single is plenty. love the topping options. the fries are really really good and served in huge portions. i'd imagine a child would love em.

    [edit] and for the record, am referring to this location, which i find superior to the midtown.

    1. Janie,
      I agree with David's comment, above, that these guys serve a good burger for a chain. The Five Guys burger - unless you specify a single patty - is similar to the Shake Shack model: two patties with whatever else you specify. The pluses, for me, are the char they get on the exterior, the way they glop the cheese on top, and the soft bun. If you're in the right mood, it's kind of a fun burger, the kind you might have liked when you were a kid, young and carefree. Note, though, that they don't cook to order, so you're not going to get something that's, say, tender or juicy. You're not going to get an exemplary, award-winning burger. Unless your kids are used to better, they might very well dig it. The vibe is not, say, like Johnny Rocket's; it's far more spartan. But kids could definitely dig the chow.

      The fries, for me, have been alternately decent or overly spiced/seasoned. This might vary at different venues.

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        I've only been to the one in brooklyn heights, but my kids love the fries and the burgers. plus, they can snack on free peanuts while they wait. tho i know many people on this board dis five guys, i think it's a fine "fast-food" style burger place.

        never had overly seasoned fries. they have always been extremely tasty.