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Lunch @ DB Bistro Moderne today in Vancouver

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We went here for lunch today, and this is quite possibly the best lunch I have ever had a Vancouver restaurant! I tried lunch at Market by Jean-George last week & this one wins for my choice, though it is more expensive.

I had the set menu for $24 I think which was an appy & plat du jour. On the set menus you can have an appy & entree or entree & dessert (choices of 3 for appy & dessert). The prices vary for entrees but from $23 - $28. I started with the country duck pate. Very good. Served with mustard, onion jelly, cornichon, pickled onion. Bread basket was delivered with 3 different types, all warm & refilled when entree arrived. My friend had soup of the day which was potato leek & she said it was very tasty.

I orderd the special, which was duck leg with home made fettucine with a tomato confit, with spinach & green beens. The confit was more like a gravy, it was absolutely delicious!!! I did find it a tad salty, but I don't use salt so that may be why. I cleaned the bowl, eating every last bite, then taking bread to mop up the gravy. The bowl was spotless when I was done! My friend had the black cod which she said was wonderful. The table beside us ordered coq au vin, and I seriously wish I would have ordered that! It looked divine - served with spaetzle too! My friend and I seriously debated jabbing our forks into her dish for a taste!

We had coffee/tea after & they brought us complimentary warm madeleines for dessert. I tried one, so tasty but I'm not a dessert gal. My friend polished them off like nobody's business!

Next lunch, I'm coming back & trying the Coq Au Vin!!! Loved lunch!!!!

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  1. Where are the pictures?! ;)

    1. I don't think you should post these sorts of reviews when I'm broke! ;)

      Thanks for the report!