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Mar 4, 2009 04:08 PM

Rocky Canyon Meat

Any opinions about their beef or pork? Does it compare favorably with other grass-fed beef you've had? Any particularly good (or bad) experiences?

I might buy some of their meat in bulk and I'm curious to hear if anyone has thoughts about their goods.

[They sell at a few farmer's markets around town. The stand has two big coolers labeled "Farmer to you Beef/Pork" next to some miscellaneous produce.]

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  1. I frequently buy Rocky Canyon meat (steaks, burgers, pork chops, bacon). I think it's delicious, has a wonderful flavor and is sustainable! I've only had good experiences. After making their burgers for my boyfriend he said I'd ruined burgers for him because nothing can now compare to Rocky Canyon's burgers. Their sweet potatoes are also some of the best around.

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      Do you know if they go to the Hollywood market on Sunday mornings? Thanks, Alison

      1. re: Sweettuth

        Yes. He sets up towards the northeast side of the market.