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Mar 4, 2009 04:05 PM

Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs/Joshua Tree/29 Palms

Going to Desert Hot Springs this weekend w/ my fiance and need some recommendations for out of the way, little known, type places or old funky institutions that aren't total tourist traps. Our tastes range from Vietnamese strip mall gems in Westminster to the kitschiest (but quality) steakhouses we can find - if that means anything to you. We are not into designer chefs or over priced continental cuisine featuring too many reductions or froths.... Can anyone give up a secret spot? Thanks.

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  1. I like the Royal Siam (I believe that's the name) in Joshua Tree.

    1. I won't say that either of these places has the best food in the world, but I really liked both of them a lot (just made a trip to Joshua Tree 3 weeks ago):

      Crossroads Cafe and Tavern - Joshua Tree

      Pappy and Harriets Palace - Pioneertown

      Crossroads seems like a good place for breakfast/lunch, while Pappy and Harriets really gets going after 7 for live music (make a reservation, though).

      Have a good trip!

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        These look good - definitely going to try to make it to both - thanks

      2. Oh, I wish I'd seen this in time for your trip - then I could have given a shout out to Sam's Pizza and Indian Food in JT. Yes, Indian food - and some of the best I've had in Southern California. Can't vouch for the pizza, since I can't stand the stuff, but their Indian food is wonderful.

        Sam's Pizza
        61380 29 Palms Hwy # 13, Joshua Tree, CA