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Mar 4, 2009 03:53 PM

Suite and Tender in SD...Anyone been yet?

Looks pretty slick and looks like my kind of place to be throwing back a couple of cocktails but wondering if anyone has eaten or drank there?
Also, do you think it's so slick that attire from Padres Opening Day would be discouraged?
BTW, I don't body paint or wear Mom jeans with a wife beater...hee hee

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  1. It sounds like they've just opened... I'd be curious to hear a report, though. Of course, based on the website, it sounds like something way too fancy and proud for my tastes. The fact that they bill themselves as a place "where people come to see and be seen" means my wardrobe may not stack up!

    Pork belly and diver scallops do sound lovely, though. And I'm intrigued by their fance iced tea service.


        4 1/2 stars is the average vote --looks pretty freakin good

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        1. re: Charley girl

          Be wary of Yelp "star" ratings.

          Most people on there don't know what they are talking about.

          Many times people give a one star rating, and the things they hate about the place are the things you might love about it.

          And vice versa.

        2. I have been for drinks.

          Not bad. Especially if you don't mind paying $14 for a Grey Goose and Soda.

          Bar is similar to maybe Confidential. Conventioneers and locals mixed as well as hotel guests.

          Not really that much different scene than you would find at the W or the Ivy. Maybe more mellow.

          Haven't tried the food.

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          1. re: stevewag23

            Ive got three words EX PENS IVE! $19 for a dirty martini, damn. It was good, but damn... I tried some of the bar food. The chicken wings, the ahi tar tar, and something else that has left my mind, but it was okay. I really like the interior, and of course if you are not staying there the parking sucks. There are some just as up scale bar spots up in bankers hill area now that have just as good if not better food, and less expensive as well, and a good drink you can find almost anywhere.

            1. re: bigjoe001

              Bottled beer (Sam Adams Light) = $ 8.50. Not the place to get drunk. They do give out complimentary pocpcorn flavored with wasabi seasoning that is quite addicting and their kobe beef sliders are excellent, though quite pricey at $18...they will be opening 4th floor open air bar within the next 2 months that will feature sushi and a cigar bar.

              1. re: El Chevere

                $8 bottles of regular beer doesn't bode well for a business in San Diego

              2. re: bigjoe001

                Are you F'n kidding me -- $19 bucks for a martini in sleepy San Diego, in the middle of a recession? That's gross.

            2. Yikes..
              SD Union today had a review of Suite and Tender..mixed but the one thing I didn't know or like is the 'Unisex' bathroom..
              Us chicks don't want to be mixing with the boys in the bathroom..if you know what I mean..
              Is this the latest trend in restaurant bathroooms?

              I have to admit that I've snuck into the mens bathroom at the Q but alcohol was a prevailing factor and the guys protected the doorway until I came out..the womens bathroom had a super long line and I didn't want to wait.. ; )

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                "Is this the latest trend in restaurant bathroooms?"


                I remember seeing it in NYC 15+ years ago.

                But then again, I saw "boutique hotels" 20 years ago in NYC.

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  Loved that review. The entire column before the jump was about the damn bathroom. Come-on!

                  I went there for a meal before they were officially open, so I won't comment on that. But I think the knife thing is cheesy.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    They are actually having some kind of event there tonight that i am invited to, so im glad i came acoss this thread. i will make sure to bring the ATM machine with me.

                    I'll let you all know what i think of the place.