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Mar 4, 2009 03:46 PM

Where to take Mom for birthday celebration meal this Sunday - she is vegetarian, everyone else is not!

Thought lunch or afternoon tea on Sunday would be fun/special. Mom doesn't eat meat/fish/eggs (or sugar, for that matter) which makes afternoon tea difficult. I thought Franchia might be a nice choice, but not sure how all the family carnivores are going to feel about that (we'll be 6 people plus a kid). Read about Dirt Candy in some other vegetarian posts, but can't find any cost information (or pictures of the space, for that matter). Any ideas/suggestions on potential celebratory venues with great food would be much appreciated!!!

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  1. I'm not sure what your price range is, but you could certainly try giving Blue Hill a call to see how they could accommodate her.

    Blue Hill
    75 Washington Place, New York, NY 10011

    1. I think if it's Mom's birthday then the others can accommodate her not the other way around. Is it going to kill everybody to eat ONE vegetarian meal a year? I'm a major carnivore but still.... Who's special day, is it anyway???

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        so funny....i opened this thread thinking EXACTLY the same thing.
        but beyond that, cafe boulud seems like a good idea.

      2. You can try Cafe Boulud or Aquavit. Both have dedicated dishes for vegetarians and plenty for meat eaters. They are definitely worthy for celebrations, as both have elegant decor and delicious food.

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          While normally those two would be excellent options, saregama wants to do a Sunday lunch. Cafe Boulud serves brunch on Sunday, and it's not their regular menu.

          Aquavit's Sunday smorgasbord is terrific, but a vegetarian would have difficulty finding appropriate things to eat unless he or she eats herring and fish.

        2. I've always liked Red Bamboo for vegetarian food. (My old college roommate's veggie, so we often go there for lunch when she visits.) The fries are killer. It's a more casual place than Boulud, but the food's very good and as long as they're not looking for a steak, meat eaters (like myself) won't feel deprived.

          1. Ha ha - yes, I will happily eat vegetarian, but there are one or two picky carnivores... :-) I was hoping for a mid-priced option (Boulud & Blue Hill are a bit higher priced than what I was hoping for). Sorry - should have specified. Also, Mom will appreciate an interesting/special place with good for more than a clearly high-end place (that's why I thought Franchia would be a good option, but I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for omnivore-friendly choices like that). Thanks!!!

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              How about Italian, non the old-time red sauce kind that might be meat-centric. But most Ittalian places have plenty of meat and non-meat.

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                Thanks c oliver - was hoping for somewhere a bit more unusual/special (we are never usually in the same place for her birthday, so it's the first time in about 15 years we are celebrating together) - italian is a great fallback, though. Especially somewhere like I Coppi with a heated garden, but I'd like to see if I can find something more unique if I can... Thank you!