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Mar 4, 2009 03:31 PM

Quick bread or muffin mix -- bulk

I am looking for a way to prevent myself from relying on boxes of quickbread or muffin mix for those times when I just don't have the wherewithall to do it right.

Ideally I would keep a mix in a bulk container that would last for about a dozen loaves. Final steps would only be some oil, egg, water or milk. The healthier the better -- minimal white flour/sugar; nuts, berries, etc. would be great. Anyone have anything like this that they can recommend?


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  1. pretty basic but you can tweak with additives--just refrigerate it so as not to 'spoil' whole grains. This is a killer site for quantity cooking:

    1. Here's my copycat recipe for Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

      1. If I would want to do something like this, then I would try to develop a master recipe based on my current favorite quick breads. I would assemble all the dry ingredients for one batch (this could be 1 or 2 loaves based on the recipe). Weigh or measure by volume the final dry ingredient assembly and then write that down on an index card (you'll need this later). Then, you could try multiplying the volumes based on how many loaves you'll want to consume in a given time period. I would probably start with whatever you think you would use in the next two months because some of the ingredients - like baking powder or nuts - can degrade over time, depending upon how it was when you bought them. Personally, I would store this in a Lexan container in my cupboard or fridge and tape the index card with the dry measurement and any other wet additions to the front of it.

        Be sure to shake or "whisk" the container up before you measure the dry mix, just to be sure that you've properly redistributed all the different dry components. The upside is that you can use your own recipes and can customize things to your preferences. The downside is that it might take some testing to find a master recipe that works for all the breads one would want to make (banana, blueberry, zuchinni, oatmeal, whatever).

        1. I almost never use the boxed stuff; especially for flat or griddle beads. If you're willing to add oil/egg/water or milk, for flatbreads anyway, that's called "flour" <grin> Buy a bag of whole wheat flour, a bag of corn meal, and a bag of masa harina. Use any one or all three in combination:

          Basic Griddle Bread
          1-1/4 cups cornmeal or other flour
          1 large egg
          1 cup whole milk
          1 cup water
          1 teaspoon salt
          1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
          1 Tablespoon Spice - Cumin, Chile powder, mixed herbs, whatever
          1 tablespoon oil, if needed

          Mix egg/water/milk, add flour, spice & salt. Cook 1/4 cups of the mix spread 1/4” thin on a hot skillet or griddle using oil if you need to.