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Mar 4, 2009 03:30 PM

Casual dining near SUNY Albany

I haven't lived in the Capital District for about a dozen years and am looking for recs for a friend travelling to the area this weekend for a college hoops tourney. As they are unfamiliar with the area, the closer the bettter to SUNY. I think Cleo is a bit to upscale, maybe a pub with really good food would be a better choice. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Beff's on Everett road, right down 90 is a great pub spot. We do the orchard sometimes as well.

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    1. re: jspear

      I have been to Big Ed Fat Fields (aka BEFF's) . Is Hurley's still open ? Thye used to be a great place for wings.

    2. lol my inlaws live in Troy (just across the river) and love Cheesecake Factory. :(

      We did convince them to try a local eatery once and we did like the Albany Pump Station -- its a brewpub in an old building (maybe a former factory?) The food is ok, pub grub type stuff. Its in the capitol district but its right off the highway/waterfront so its pretty accessible.

      Horrible food but good fun: Jillian's (w games etc)

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        Actually a pump house originally, very cool interior and good microbrew, avoid Jillian's bad food and way too crowded.

      2. Sutters across from the Western Avenue entrance to SUNY has to have the best burgers in Albany. Buy a burger, and dress it from their condiment bar. Also other pub food.

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          Glad to hear Sutters is still there. I'll add that to Dorato's and the Across the Street Pub.

        2. It's a couple of miles down the road but Washington Tavern on Western has great wings. It's very crowded at night so I'd only recommend it for lunch.

          Also I second Sutters plus it's literally across the street.