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Mar 4, 2009 03:14 PM

Best sushi nr union square - tonight

I like Blue Ribbon Sushi (but not the wait), Yama (but find the huge pieces inauthentic and huge). I'm not up for a trek tonight... any east village/union square sushi spots I have to try? Also trying not to break the bank but I don't like cheap sushi...


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  1. 15 East is very good but also very expensive. They also serve excellent soba, which, if you like it, could keep the cost down as compared to just sushi.

    Mizu is not in the same league, but is still good and might be a better option depending on how much you want to spend.

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    1. re: ian9139

      15 East isn't that expensive if you order off from their regular menu and not omakase. Since the OP like Blue Ribbon the regular sushi set should be fine. Otherwise you can go to Kanoyama. Even ordering the sushi / sashimi omakase off the menu and not the chef's omakase at the sushi bar will be a lot better than Yama.

    2. azuki or haru on park. takahachi on avenue a is good.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          I ended up at Kanoyama and was not impressed with the quality of fish. Some of the fish (incl the tuna) seemed like it had been frozen, thawed too many times. My seaweed salad was served with almonds and raisins. This is not something I've seen before nor wish to. The service was good, people nice, and room pleasant. But I don't think I'll be going back.

          I'm the type of sushi eater who would rather abstain than eat subpar sushi...

          I will give 15East a shot and order a la carte, I'm curious to see if their quality is good. I'll also give Haru, Azuki and Takahachi a shot.

          Which of these will pass my picky standards?

          1. re: syb

            I'm sorry to hear that. Of those you mentioned, try 15 East next...I think it'll pass your picky standards. :)


            1. re: syb

              Avoid Haru, Azuki and Takahachi.

              Did you eat at the counter at Kanoyama and order ala cart or omakase?

              1. re: Ricky

                ricky, i see you and i have different opinions on sushi. where do you suggest to dine then?

                1. re: Ricky

                  No, we were at a table (more conducive to conversation) and ordered omakase...