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Mar 4, 2009 03:13 PM

Seeking NJ wine discount store

I've seen some interesting websites for places in Secaucus and Union. Can you recommend your favorite place to stock up- it should have knowledgeable staff. I am a NYC Chowhounder who would like to put together a case of red wines which individually retail under $20. (I will be visiting friends in Northern Jersey but am open to any area close to Manhattan.) Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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  1. Total Wine in River Edge.

    Of course, north jersey is a big place, and River Edge might be miles from where you'll be.

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    1. re: tommy

      Total Wines is excellent. Terrific choice and prices. I have been in the Total Wines in NJ, PA, DE, Ft Myers, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach Gardens. They are all large stores and I go out of my way to shop there.


      1. re: Fred19

        I don't find them all that cheap compared to Bottle King in the area, but they do seem to have a better staff. If I'm looking to stock up, I go to Bottle King though.

        1. re: tommy

          In the Livingston area, I like Bottle King for good selections in the $10-$20 price point (Wine Legend is much better for $20+, but you need to order off the Internet for pick up to get their best prices - which makes no sense at all, and keeps me from shopping there more regularly); I back and fill at Total Wines for particular wines I can't get at BK (for example, Newton "red label" Chardonnay at $17 - the same bottle goes for $25 at Wine Legend).

          1. re: Striver

            I've had good luck at the first 2, never been to the last two, but they have competitive prices and good selection online.

            Wine Library in Springfield NJ right off 124/24 (close to 78) :

            586 Morris Avenue | Springfield, NJ 07081 | 888-980-WINE (9463)

            Wine Outlet in the Meadowlands :

            Wine Outlet, 10 Meadowlands Parkway, Secaucus NJ-07094
            Customer Service: 201-866-1600 Wine Assistance: 973-960-7519

            Shoppers Discount Liquor & Wine Warehouse in Union, NJ (Rt 22) :

            2321 Route 22 West
            Union, NJ 07083

            Total WIne also in Union:

            950 Springfield Road
            Union, NJ 07083

            1. re: gunksny

              Wine Library is very good for higher end wines, and often gets excellent wines (like T-Vine Zin) that are difficult to find elsewhere.

              1. re: Striver

                Now that they are in a much larger space, they have bigger selection including a decent selection of inexpensive South American wines upstairs.

                Their gourmet foods section downstairs is pretty good too - I was impressed with their cheese selection.

    2. I agree with others on Total Wine for selection and service. It's also very close to my home, so it's a no brainer for store choice. Totla Wine's Liquor prices are also very good in my opinion.

      I have not been to yet....but there is a Gary's Wine Store on Route 23 North in Wayne, just north of Willowbrook Mall. There is also a recently opened Stew Leonards Wines in Paramus on Route 17 North.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Sorry, but I have to say that I find Gary's prices higher on a regular basis and although their staff is knowledgeable, they're not as customer service focused as I like--particularly when I've tried (on separate occasions, and at different locations) to order CASES of wine.

        For the best prices, I have to agree that Bottle King and Total are the best, and they have mulitple locations in northern NJ. Shoppers in Clifton has decent prices, but I always feel that Total carries a larger variety, and BK seems to be able to get just about anything I've ever asked for.

      2. I'm not a big fan of Total wine. About 90% of what they have is chaff. They tend to carry brands that are mass-market because they need to buy them in large quantities to fill up the shelves of a big chain. In certain categories that I know, you will more likely find a big negociant wine rather than a small artesanal producer (often where the real quality is). They do carry some prestige bottles at the high end, but the pricing isn't anything special there.

        If you want well chosen wines at decent prices the Wine Library is a good bet. The regular prices are nothing great, but it seems like half the stuff is on sale at any given time: this is where the bargains are to be had. Nice cheese dept. too. Shoppers on Rt. 22 in Union doesn't have the selection of WL, but does have some good stuff, and again lots of good sale prices. I think case discounts don't apply to items already reduced, however.

        1. I recommend Hudson Wine Market in Fort Lee. It's in a mall with Borders near the intersection of Lemoine and Main. Great prices on some good wines.

          1. I agree with the various comments about the Wine Library. I have yet to find a wine store in NJ that offers the selection and knowledgeable staff found here. The prices are generally pretty good though it's true that some items are less expensive elsewhere.

            I used to frequent Gary's but, as someone else remarked, the prices tend to be high and the staff simply aren't as knowledgeable as those at the Wine Library.

            If you ever find yourself in Middlesex or Somerset County, you should check out one of the Super Saver stores. Their prices are excellent and if I know they carry the wine I'm looking for, that's where I head.


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            1. re: ambrose

              Thanks, all, I ended up at Total Wine in River Edge and bought a great selection of wines. Will try the other places you listed in the future as Total did not give me a case discount. I think that the other discount store in Union would have done so.

              1. re: hopegoode

                If you go to Bottle King, make sure you join the Members Club. The members only specials make it worth a trip out of the way. Good hunting.

                1. re: soulcooker

                  Drove up Route 17 this morning on the way back upstate NY. Passed Stew Leonard's-think it was around Paramus near where the new Fairway is coming. Sign said something like "best wine prices in NJ". Not familiar with them-anyone have any info?

                  1. re: markabauman

                    If you live Upstate, why not just shop at Empire Wine (across from Colonie Center in that plaza that houses Target). They have the best prices (and selection) I've found both up and down State.

                    1. re: skipjack01

                      Re: Upstate wines - Arlington Wine & Liquor Store on Rte 44 just east of Poughkeepsie has a wide selection of thoughtfully-chosen reds under $20.

                    2. re: markabauman

                      If its anything like the Stew Leonards Wine in Norwalk, there is nothing special about it. Decent selection, average to above average pricing.

                      1. re: gunksny

                        Thanks for the feedback; didn't know anything about SL. Yes, I'm familiar with Empire-great place. Sometimes get good bargains in Italian wine at Jerry's in Englewood, when I'm down that way.

                        1. re: markabauman

                          Stew Leonard's is more expensive than Bottle King or Total Wine, so don't believe the hype. TW has great wine selection and more top scale wines. BK usually has the cheaper prices overall.