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Mar 4, 2009 03:00 PM

NC Triangle - AYCE Meat Places?

I've got two teenage boys, and for now no job. Elder son asked yesterday about going back to a Brazilian steak house, and I explained that's just not economically feasible now. He said that any place with All You Can Eat (AYCE) MEAT would suit him.

So what are our options for never-ending protein? We are in west Cary, but can travel to any part of the Triangle.

I've thought of:
Chinese buffets - we're not far from ChinaTown in Morrisville, how's their sushi?
Golden Corral - he'll keep the grill master busy
KFC - but the boys want beef not chicken

I know buffets are not high-end chow, but if you can help my boys we'll be very grateful.

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  1. My immediate response based on the topic title was one of the Brazilian places, but with that off the table the only thing I can thing of is Golden Corral or Chinese Buffet. Maybe CiCi's or Pizza Inn and they can focus on the meat-heavy pizzas? Or Pizza Hut for buffet night?

    1. China Town isn't that great - and their sushi in particular is no great shakes. It's also not especially cheap for the quality of the food that you get. However, if your guys aren't too picky, there's plenty of food available there.

      I'd give GC a try. I know they don't have a particularly good reputation, but we sometimes go there for breakfast.

      This doesn't help with the beef cravings, but I'd also suggest Sweet Tomatoes just for the AYCE option - and the guys can load up on pasta, chili, etc.

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        Thanks for your comments on China Town, about what I've heard before. A quantity over quality friend enjoys leaving their sushi shelf empty.

        I've got four Sweet Tomatos key fobs on a spare key ring. We go from time to time, but that is a carbohydrate house, not protein.

        The beef on the grill at the Corral may be our best option.

      2. Ye Olde Country Kitchen in Snow Camp. Not quite the triangle but worth the trip.

        They always have fried chicken and usually have 2 other meats on the buffet, a wide array of sides and an entirely superfluous salad bar. It also has the advantage of being really reasonable, particularly for lunch (or in the case of our first visit a lunch that lingered into an early dinner).

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        1. re: brokegradstudent

          Elder son is hoping to attend Elon if the scholarships come through. We'll have to investigate this place. Thanks.

        2. Knightdale Seafood & BBQ has some AYCE family style options with fried chicken and chopped pork BBQ, both of which are pretty good!

          Joyce & Family in Fuquay-Varina is AYCE if eating in. Last time I was there for lunch there were probably 4 meat/main options available.

          These are the only ones not yet mentioned that come to mind. Best of luck on the job search.

          1. 300 block of Tryon Road, Garner.

            Larry's Southern Kitchen. All you can eat buffet, easily comparable to Joyce Family or the place in Snow Camp.

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            1. re: fussycouple

              With all this focus on food-slamming meat products, it sounds like cholestorol and other health concerns aren't a consideration in this matter. That said, if you order the family style dinner at Bullock's BBQ in Durham the serving bowls, which they bring to the table, can be refilled endlessly at your request. In the protein department, that basically amounts to all you can eat pork BBQ and fried chicken.