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Jacksonhole, wy.

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going to be in Jacksonhole in august for family vacation. Any suggestions of good, kid freindly, restaurants? Or places we absolutely need to go.

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    1. A lunch at the Silver Dollar bar is a must. The kids can saddle up (one end of the bar seats is saddles) and enjoy a root beer as they stare at thousands of real, old silver dollars embedded in the bar surface. They may forget the food in a day, but they will remember the silver dollars indefinitely. And the antler arch on the town square is pretty cool for little people.Also, August is a perfect time for a guided family raft trip on the Snake River, right at the foothills of Mt. Moran, which you will stare at endlessly as the most majestic of the Tetons.

      1. Try searching Jackson Hole, two words...there are a few posts.