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Mar 4, 2009 02:17 PM

e bars in Baltimore

Some friends and I have a New Year's Resolutionto try a different bar every two weeks, starting with A and working our way to Z. We need a good 'E' place.The only ones I can think of so far are El Patron in Mt. Vernon (which I think is more of a restaurant than a bar), Elvis in Fed Hill (might be just a carry out?) and Eden's Lounge (also in Mt. Vernon).

We can go further afield than Baltimore, but that's our home base. Bonus points for places with Monday or Tuesday night specials.

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  1. Is Edgar's pool hall still around?

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    1. re: KAZ

      Nope, no more Edgar's. Hmm, where IS there a good pool hall?

    2. el patron does have a full bar sorta separate from the restaurant with some happy hour specials so could probably work for you.

      1. I live in Ft Lauderdale so unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for you - but I just had to say that I love that idea! Good Luck!

        1. If you want a great neighborhood bar try Elliott's Pourhouse in Brewers Hill.

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          1. re: casper28

            Second Elliot's Pourhouse! Somewhere between a dive bar and indie cool. Good guys running the place, Decent beer selection, and a fun spot with a pool table and popcorn machine located in brewer's hill. Get a black and tan with Dale's and Murphy's. Prices are a steal!

            1. re: hawaiigrl2003

              Elliott's Pour House is definitely the E bar you should try. Lots of goodies on tap & in a bottle. Great neighborhood bar. Always something going on. Good people & cold brew. The bartenders aren't afraid to throw a couple back with you either.

          2. The Emerald Tavern on Harford Road