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Mar 4, 2009 01:58 PM

korean plaza on western

has anyone eaten at the food court in the korean plaza mall on western, north of olympic? I stumpled upon it today on accident and it was great. i didn't expect much from a food court in a mall, but there were a ton of options and the three places my friend and i tried were wonderful. we tried the dumpling place (very good!), the noodle place next to the dumpling place - i had a veggie soup with glass noodles, bean sprouts and cabbage. anyway, i'd never known this place existed (all asian stalls except for one hamburger place) and since i was so pleased by it i wanted to know if anyone else had ever tried anything here and what your thoughts were on this place. for $8 i walked away very happy.

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  1. I go quite often. It has a better food court than the Galleria, south of Olympic. The dumpling place is very good (i've been meaning to write about it but never got around to it) and cheap. Try Gamja Bawi next time. It's along the wall perpendicular to the one with the dumpling & noodle places, right smack in the middle of the bunch. I still like their bibimbap (in stone pot, of course) the best and I think they do a pretty decent job with everything else too.

    1. Hi, Clyde!
      We have also enjoyed several meals and snacks here.
      We like it for the variety it offers and we have found everyone operating the stands to be very friendly and helpful in guiding our orders.
      There is much deliciousness here and we never tire of exploring the different dishes.

      Be sure to go upstairs to the appliance store on the highest level. They carry some beautiful and useful wares.

      1. The dumpling place (Chew Young Roo) is AMAZING. Definitely the best thing there, though adjacent stalls have great sundae and deep fried squid too.

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          +1 for Chew Young Roo

          The donkatsu place is great as well, huge portions, and cheap too

        2. Korean food courts are awesome! There's so many different types of food to try for cheap prices and they give heaping portions. Like you said, the huge chinese dumplings are great. Be sure to try the red bean buns there too. And I always eat at the japanese booth across from this one. I get the sashimi salad over rice. It's one of the best. My parents usually get the tonkatsu at the center booth. They give especially large portions.

          1. The dumpling place is great, cheap and cheerful. To the right of that, there's a fine kimchi soup and a pretty good soon dobu as well -- they used to do a soon dae version but alas, no more. To the left, down two, is some pretty darn good soon dae blood sausage up straight -- I get the small plate of it. I tried the fried squid at one of the places inbetween; I'd skip it. I'm a fan of the supermarket in there too, which is great value and offers superior quality to the other two main Korean markets.