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Do you prefer to bake or buy dessert?

I frequently buy ice cream, but when it comes to cakes or pies I really prefer my own versions. Although buying a cake sure can save time!

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  1. Most of the time I just end up buying dessert (single slices of cake or pie) because baking a whole cake or pie will generally go to waste in my household of two.

    1. Yes, it's just the two of us, too. Make cakes or pies for gatherings, usually make our favorite, creme brulee, just for us. Faves for company are German Chocolate Cake, pecan pie, and lemon meringue pie. Yum...

      1. I love the challenge of constructing sweets of all varieties, but I don't do it often because it is too easy to gain weight. My co-workers and my daughter love the times that I do make something because they are the recipients of my handiwork.

        1. If I'm entertaining I make dessert. Otherwise, to protect the waistline and reduce temptation, we get single portions out for dinner or at the bakery.

          1. I'm not much for sweets. I enjoy making something that is sweet but not overly off the top.

            I hate cakes and pies but just me. I still bake them for parties. Creme brule, fresh fruits over pound cake I enjoy or just fresh grilled fruits are a favorite. I hate icing and cake. I do like a nice chewy brownie with some fresh ice cream and a good sauce like caramel. One of the few sweets I like.

            I won a contest for my gorgonzola stuffed figs baked but they also had a ground pecan filling and then a glaze of raspberry and cream for a base and then the fig was put on the plate and topped with a spicy honey glaze and then topped with a sugar glazed raspberry and a few crumbs of gorgonzola and pecans. I really liked that.

            1. I enjoy baking, so I will make my own over buying from a bakery or store. But like others, I do so infrequently - entertaining and special occasions, generally - to avoid the temptation of overindulgence. I only infrequently buy a serving of something to eat at home, either, but will order in a restaurant in conjuction with a meal occasionally.

              1. I so so much prefer to make my own desserts. Whenever I buy them, I am usually disappointed with my purchases. One exception lately has been the stash of Girl Scout cookies in my pantry. You can neveer go wrong with a Girl Scout cookie or 2.


                1. Bake without a doubt. The list of recipes I want to try goes on and on and gets longer faster than I can make them. But, I'm so picky when it comes to dessert and what I'll eat.

                  1. Buy dessert. Last week was DS' birthday. (25) I asked him if he wanted a cake and ice cream or a pie.

                    Marie Callender's French Apple Pie. perfect.

                    I agree that home made is usually better, but I don't need dessert, so I am just as happy to pick something up.

                    1. I almost never buy dessert because it's cheaper to make it yourself. I make what I want and freeze the unused part of it in individual portions. The exception is if I hit a high-end bakery to buy an extra-special treat of something that I wouldn't (or don't know how) to make myself.

                      1. As I am typing this, I am eating a Cheese Danish I had just purchased from the bakery...

                        I feel I do my best to support the local economies....especially when it comes to food, but as I get older, I really find I enjoy cooking more at home rather than going out, but I cannot say the same for baking at home......I am also of the mind, if you cannot make it better than others....don't try and purchase it instead. Fried Chicken is a prime example of this thought, anything baked with flour or sugar is another. As much as I would like to make desserts and baked goods at home....I am simply not a baker. I do not have the time or patience to measure anything and watch over the oven when timing becomes critical. Even my attempts at cake and brownie box mixes fail terribly.....so for me it's better if I go out and purchase it.

                        1. I don't enjoy baking and we tend to indulge in savory foods anyway. We never order dessert and often skip it at social gatherings like weddings, etc. If either or both of us want something sweet, we'll buy ice cream or bakery cookies. But that's maybe a couple times a year.

                          1. I buy mine. On the rare occassion I bake, it's always feels like such a chore. Cooking relaxes me...baking stresses me out.

                            1. I prefer to bake my own but only when I'm entertaining. I love my own undersweetened desserts. And I like to serve them in small quantities on small plates. A sugar miser am I, but somewhat generous with the ice cream.

                              1. Make. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a tremendous craving for lemon meringue pie. I was too tired and overextended to make my own, so I bought one from a local upscale grocery. It was seriously one of the biggest food disappointments in my life. It was vile. Not tart, not flaky, simply awful. Never again.

                                1. If dessert is on the menu it is made here.I am not so sure if you am for quality, time is the issue.We have many mundane ,not worth the trip/gas bakeries around.The few first rate require a special/separate trip.If I am pressed for time "cookies and fruit" pizzelles,
                                  crepes and whatever fruit is good cooked or fresh.

                                  1. I make my own desserts. We each have a portion and the rest goes to work to share. It is out of the house and away from temptation. A local store has just started carrying Graeter's Ice Cream from Cincinnati. I am on my way out to see if i can get some. They totally sold out last weekend. That we will eat all by our selves.

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                                      I send mine out of the house, too. I feel bad for my kids when they come home asking for cake and it's gone. Guests know to expect take home dessert.

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                                        I send mine out also.My husband works within a construction related field.The various crews are very pleased with a fancy dessert addition to lunch.Zero temptation for us,huge
                                        goodwill instead.

                                      2. Make. But I adore baking. Always have a cake and/or pie or cookies in the house, just as my mother did. Deciding what dessert to make to follow what dinner is a major part of the fun of planning a dinner party for me.

                                        1. I don't have an ice cream machine so I also buy those.

                                          But I totally prefer my own cakes except for a few exceptions. Not to toot my own horn, but I find mines a lot better than the ones I had at many restaurants and bakeries...

                                          1. I love to bake but I try not to indulge in sweets so I bring stuff to work or stick half a cake in the freezer. I do buy ice cream but if I'm having guests over I'll make it. I love making ice cream.

                                            1. We don't eat desserts often, usually only when we entertain. When we do I always prefer to bake it myself.

                                              1. I would totally agree. I really don't have the equipment to do ice cream but I think I can make, for the most part, much better cakes and sweets than most of the bakery store options. With the exception of a few places that can beat the pants off of me.