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Mar 4, 2009 01:46 PM

Ice Box Cafe South Beach Miami

Sunday brunch here was really satisfying with very tasty Crabby Eggs and the 4-cheese Frittata – nicely cooked, large portions. The prices are kind of high - comparable to the nearby hotels for breakfast, but the value is better. The desserts in and on the glass case were really enticing, but we were limiting dessert to once a day and it was too early for it - wish we could have gotten back there to try key lime pie, coconut cake, or lemon raspberry cake.

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  1. Youre right, the prices can tend to be a tad high but you will never leave that place without feeling full.

    1. Little tip -- Icebox will be featured on an upcoming episode of Michelle Bernstein's show, Check, Please! South Florida. Season 2 premieres March 9th, but the Icebox episode is scheduled to air March 16th -- 7:30 pm - WPBT 2.

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        food is always good and the desserts are divine. Almost a dead issue at this point with any cafe/restaurant is the service, which was service with a sneer, but lately seems to have turned for the better and you actually get a smile and some light, polite banter with the waiters now. My biggest issue has always been the owner, the muscle guy that I have never seen approach a table to get to know his client and he almost walks around with a certain "air" about him. While I don't need an owner or manager kissing my ass, it would be nice to get a hello and how are you, or even a thank you for coming back. Especially when every check counts in a restaurant/cafe in this economy, did anyone see this article?

        copy and paste the entire link.

      2. The German Chocolate cake is just awesome!!

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          Icebox is not always good it is inconsistent but when it is good it is very good. Bananna bread pudding - especially heated with vanilla ice cream trumps German Chocolate cake.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I find the service more inconsistent than the food.

            1. re: jmdhsmiami

              I agree, but the food is still inconsistent. Not the desserts, they are always great.