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Mar 4, 2009 01:37 PM

Magnolia in Hollywood?

Hi CH --

What information can yall give me on Magnolia in Hollywood?

I am going to see a show at the Pantages on Friday night and looked through some boards and saw this...

It's still open, right? Is it walking distance to the theatre? And most importantly, how's the food? What do yall like there?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can't speak to the geography, but it's a cool place with perfectly good food. I've mostly been there at lunch. I think it turns into a scene as the night progresses, but most of the food is well executed. It probably helps that they're not overly ambitious.

    1. It's pretty walkable, provided no one in your party is wearing heels. I found it to be very overpriced (ONE app, ONE salad, SIDE onion rings, no drinks, just tap water, with tip almost $50.) Also, I just found the menu kind of boring. Everything was good, but there was nothing that jumped out at me. On the otherhand, The Bowery, next door, had really really good sliders, and their onion rings were much better than Magnolias.

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        I also thought it was way overpriced for the quality and a very boring menu. My meal was poor and I noticed the couple to my left sent their food back and the woman to my right had problems with her food. Maybe it was an off day in the kitchen.

      2. I like Magnolia, and compared to other places in Hollywood, did not find it too high, depending on what you order. I also love Bowery next door, but it can be difficult to get a seat, given it is much smaller.

        Magnolia is great for good drinks, casual relaxed atmosphere, and I agree with schrutefarms the menu is not exciting, it has enough and what is there is done well. Excellent hummus plate, I like their salads, love the roast chicken. And the homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches are excellent.

        1. We have gone there pre-Pantages. Definitely walkable (say, 7 minutes), unless you're in unwalkable heels.

          1. Totally doable for a pre-Pantages dinner. The food is great. They have an amazing seared tofu and vegetable plate. I'm no vegetarian, but that is quite delicious. Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches make a huge and tasty dessert. If you end up going, enjoy!

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              i went there after a show at the pantages. we drove. there is a lot of stret parking and i was wearing heels. we thought it had a great vibe and the food was wonderful although we just ordered a bunch of apps.