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Mar 4, 2009 01:36 PM

sayville / bayport / fire island restaurant recs for rehearsal dinner?

hi there,

i'm helping friends plan the rehearsal dinner for the night before their wedding, which will take place in sayville, LI in late august. they're looking for a fun place, preferably on the water that can accommodate a maybe rowdy group of 40 or so. a private room or outdoor seating would be best. good food a must, seafood would be great. price: under $50/person.

i found a bunch of places doing my own research in sayville, and not much on fire island: the cull house, collins and main, the riverview, the sayville inn, and kingston clam bar. if anyone has any comment on these, that would be welcome as well...

thanks so much!

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  1. Collins and Main, not rowdy at all. Kingston Clam bar, rowdy might be OK but probably too small for 40 people. I'm thinking Flynns on Fire Island, we had a crazy company party there a few years ago.

    1. I found collins & main overprices with poor service. The riverview was awful last time I was there, kingston clam bar much too small. The cull house is not fancy, but the food is good and lots of atmosphere. They 'may' be able to handle 50 people, but the summer is their busy season. We ate in a fish place on foster avenue, which used to be called Donatello's, and the fish was awful. Fire Island is usually very overpriced as all of their provisions are hauled in by ferry. There are a lot of restaurants in bayshore which is not too far away.


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        thanks so much- will look into the cull house!
        any other suggestions are still welcome... :)