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Mar 4, 2009 01:17 PM

Any recent Snockey's reports?

I haven't been to Snockey's in years and was going to be in that part of town and thought I would stop in...anyone been recently?

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  1. its never been a knock your socks off place....good dependable seafood. i like to sit at the raw bar...some oysters, some good soup and bullshit with the staff on off hours

    always a New Years day stop for me on my way back to 2nd street for post parade festivites

    1. I don't go - I live just down from their back door. That said, they have recently been advertising good happy hour specials at the raw bar

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        We (4) went there today for lunch. Lunch sandwiches good: Deviled Crab, shrimp poboy, oyster poboy. Some nice size chunks of crab in my sandwich. One got Ocean Salad which had some shrimp and crab on iceberg and a few slices of tomat - not much else (pepper, onion,cheese, etc) We all got the same soup (Chesapeake Crab, which had some crab, more potatos and a smattering of other vegetables. Soup was very bland and needed major spicing w/ salt and pepper. Soup was free w/ order of a sandwich for lunch. $42 for lunch (soup, sandwich or salad, soda) for 4. I give it a B-.