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Mar 4, 2009 01:03 PM

Business Lunch in MSP Burbs

I'm in NJ and need to arrange a business lunch for my boss (25 people, maybe less, private room, seated meal). He wants to be outside of MSP because of the traffic but I don't know the choice burbs. Can someone recommend a moderately priced place to have this luncheon? We usually hover around $25-30 a head.


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  1. I'd love to help, but where are your boss and his guests going to be coming from? The burbs here go on and on - maybe 40 miles end to end. Airport? Downtown Minneapolis? Downtown St. Paul?

    1. The traffic in the burbs is terrible, and it's really tough to get from one side of the metro to the other. The greater Twin Cities metro area is one of the most wide-spread areas in the country, and the "traffic horribleness" is up in the top ten.

      So if you want your boss to be happy (by avoiding traffic), it would behoove you to find out what side of town he's on.


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        He hasn't booked a hotel yet but he generally doesn't get too far from the airport if that helps. The guests will be coming from all directions -- some from out of state -- so that won't give much guidance unfortunately.

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          out of state - via the airport? or via 94 from Wisconsin?

          If 94 - then perhaps the downtowner woodfire grill in St Paul - excellent room for that size, easy to and from the airport (non rush hour) parking right next door and easy to get to from 94 if you are coming from WI.

          Downtowner Cafe [SEE DOWNTOWNER WOODFIRE GRILL]
          253 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102

      2. Hmmm... So you need a place that's somewhat near the airport, easy to get to for out-of-towners, moderately priced, and with a private room for a group.

        Not sure you can get all that AND great food, especially around the airport. I agree with St. Paul Suzie - you can do better, food-wise, in St. Paul. The Downtowner Woodfire Grill is a good choice.

        Here are two other thoughts:

        Axel's Bonfire (Eagan). I've never been here, but I hear the food is OK, if a bit chain-y. They seem to have separate rooms for groups. They're not all that close to the airport, but they're "further out" from the center of the cities, so the traffic won't be too terrible (except at rush hour).

        Or perhaps:
        Buca di Beppo (St. Paul, right on the edge). They might have a private room in the St. Paul location, but I'm not sure they're open for lunch. The food is pretty good (family-style Italian in a VERY kitschy atmosphere), but it won't impress east-coasters.

        Good luck,

        1. DaMissus and I had a decent lunch at Kozys Steak and Seafood in Edina several years ago. They do have a private room, saw a number of former MN Viking players meeting there with the prominent Mpls sports writer. Don't know how big the room may be, but a phone call may help. Is about 20 minutes from the airport, as I recall.

          It is located in an upscale shopping mall, so a chance to walk around and stretch your legs before/after the meeting. EZ, by Twin Cities standards to get there. Run by an offshoot of the family that operates Jax Cafe in NE MSP, an "Old School" lunch/dinner place for years . It is maybe 15 minutes from the hotels around the Mall of America, depending on traffic Don't know what the hotels around Edina may be, there are several.

          Good Luck.

          Kozy's Steaks and Seafood
          3220 Galleria, Edina, MN 55435

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            That's a good choice. The new Westin at the Galleria (that's the mall you are thinking of) is right above the restaurant, if you need reservations for people coming in from out of town.