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Mar 4, 2009 12:43 PM

Royal House Oyster Bar?

Evidently there is a new oyster bar open in the FQ ....anyone been or know anything about it?

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  1. Haven't been, but seems overpriced and "touristy" to me, along the same lines as Oceana, the Alpine, Chartres House Cafe, et al. It's at the corner of St. Louis and Royal, the Tortorici's building.

    1. I have been several times. The prices are a bit high (French Quarter high) but you get a LOT of food. I had a catfish platter that had maybe 6 filets along with several hush puppies and a pile of fries. The food is good, not great. I have not had the raw oysters there so I cannot comment.

      1. Yes, I was there one afternoon last week. Had the spinach salad with fried oysters.
        I thought it was a bit pricey, but some of the best fried oysters of the trip.
        My husband had the char grilled and they were not as good as acme.

        1. We had the best dinner of a total foodie trip to NO last weekend at the Royal House. Just fabulous and we're very picky. I highly recommend it! Great food , great service, not high price for the FQ.

          1. Yes, my wife and I were in town for a wedding the weekend of 3/26-30. We stayed at The Omni across the street and decided to try it out for breakfast one morning. It was fantastic and the price did not seem unreasonable to us. We went back for dinner and had an absolutely fabulous experience. The food was good and the atmosphere was even better. We sat at the oyster bar and met a very nice couple from San Diego. The "shucker" entertained us the whole time with stories and jokes and just regular conversation. Other than the wedding, that was easily the most enjoyable night of our trip -- including dinner at Antoine's the night before! We'll be back again in August (hopefully at The Omni) with 50 of our friends from Maryland and will make sure they all try the Royal House at least once while they're there.