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Mar 4, 2009 12:31 PM

Rome - suggestions for Easter dinner

Hello there, fellow Chows -

My husband and I will be in Rome over Easter (April 11-16). We know that many restaurants will be closed on Sunday and Monday for the holidays. I'm wondering if any of the experts out there have any recommendations for places that are authentic and still open on these dates. Grazie!


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  1. My husband and I were in rome last year for Easter Sunday, and we had a wonderful afternoon meal. However, the name of the restaurant escapes me... it was very near the via veneto and served a family style, authentic easter meal. The roasted lamb and vegetable anti-pasti were standouts. We got the rec from our hotel... maybe if you asked yours they might be able to figure it out?

    1. Checchino was open last year for Easter, the only Sunday of the year they stay open.

      1. Oh, that would be great if Checchino was open! That's on our list to try....Thanks, Maureen. I printed out the restaurant list from your website as our base.

        1. Bumping this up....I'm realizing that we're not going to have time to get to Checchino between our Sunday Mass at the Vatican and a 2:40 tour of the Borghese Gallery. Any restaurants that are close to the Spanish Steps that could be open? As it looks like that's the closest metro stop to the Gallery.

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            Al Ceppo puts you on the same side of town as the Gallery but I'm not sure of the distance. It would be 5 min in a taxi and Sunday lunch there is nice. Also Baby, which is high gourmet. Near Piazza di Spagna, Al 34 is open for Sunday lunch, but it's a bit hectic and, while not bad, leaves me cold. Colline Emiliane should be open (but book yesterday); it is near the Barberini metro.

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              maybe consider rescheduling your Borghese tour to give you time for a more relaxing lunch? You are going to be bouncing around like a ping pong ball!