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Mar 4, 2009 11:53 AM

Great Salads in Hollywood

Recently began work in Hollywood after months in Culver City, and I desperately miss Tender Greens. Any great salad places in Hollywood?

I'm at Sunset & Vine, very open to suggestions of affordable (under $11) lunch places for takeout.

Thanks a lot

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  1. Cafe Etc., 6371 Selma (at Cahuenga), has a good selection of fresh salads. So does Zen Zoo at 1517 N. Vine.

    1. I just went to California Chicken Cafe on Melrose one block west of Highland the other day for lunch. It was packed as usual and the noise was ridiculous (I haven't been so several years but a friend had a craving). I had a terrific Lo-Cal veggie salad with chicken and pita croutons. It was $9 and I ordered a side of rice to dump on top. I love the hot/cold thing. The rice I think was about $3. I could only finish about half and took the other half home. It was fresh, quick and delicious. Here's a tip: Call the number and order pick up and eat it there or take it back. That line is always a quarter of the other line.

      1. If it's not too far, Milk on Beverly makes big salads with fresh veggies. I had one once and it was really good.

        1. I'm pretty sure I read that Tender Greens is going to open in Hollywood. Maybe sometime this spring?

          1. Solar de Cahuenga has pretty good food.