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Mar 4, 2009 11:27 AM

West village picks

Hubby & I going to see Our Town at Barrow ST Theater in a couple of weeks. Looking for a good, but not very expensive meal before the show. I'm looking at Commerce, Annisa and LeGigot. Commerce intrigues me, but I've seen comments about being made to wait and I'm a very slow eater, so that could be a problem. Annisa has gotten some very uneven reviews. Any thoughts or recommendations on other picks in the area? Thanks.

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    1. i went to annisa recently for a belated valentines day...i used to love the space and not care much for the i barely care for the space. im not a fan.

      also, these choices are not cheap...annisa is a $25-30+ entree spot...and im under the impression commerce is as well.

      for inexpensive, id go with 'ino on bedford. im a super huge perilla fan on jane...i dont see how anyone cant love that place...entrees are $20-25 or so if i recall.

      blue ribbon bakery is always solid and a great spot for lingering. barbuto is a bit further north on 12th and washington. alta on 10th off 6th ave but there could be a sizeable wait.

      1. Snack Taverna on Bedford and Morton is great! The atmosphere is warm and great for couples. I love their saganaki and lamb bourekis. They also have a braised lamb shank my husband is still talking about. It can get crowded on the weekends but if you're going before an 8 o'clock curtain you should be fine. Make sure to save room for the warm rice pudding, you'll be glad you did. Have fun and enjoy the show!!

        1. We had a nice dinner at Annisa recently, but frankly for a pre-theater dinner, I would choose Perilla or Snack Taverna. If you want to try Annisa, save it for when you can relax and have a more leisurely dinner. Haven't been to Commerce or Gigot, so can't comment on those.

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            really enjoy COMMERCE and have never had a slow meal there. I wouldn't worry if you are there early pre theatre as the rush there is later.

          2. I love Market Table on Bedford/Carmine for good, market driven food. Deborah is a cheaper alternative across the street. I don't care much for Commerce, I find the food a bit fussy (and pricey) and the space too noisy.