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Mar 4, 2009 11:22 AM

What else is your go to breakfast besides eggs?

Once in a great while I go out for breakfast , as I did today, and I'm always disappointed at the unimaginative offerings of eggs and more eggs. When at home I never have an egg but rather yogurt or toast and cheese with fruit.
How about you?

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  1. unless the omelets are really different,i tend towards things like stuffed french toast or unusual waffles. there's a place on long island called thomas ham & eggery. the eggs are all served in a metal skillet and all of the baked goods are done there. they do things like pumpkin pecan waffles and blueberry/lemon/ricotta stuffed french toast. and they know how to make an egg cream. at home on the weekends i usually do eggs but with extras like cheese,lox,onions,broccoli,mushrooms,etc.

    1. On the weekends, at home, my favorites are Cream of Wheat or oatmeal. I like to add some raisins to the oatmeal while it's cooking, but usually don't, 'cause my husband prefers plain. Add a splash of milk, a pat of salted butter or margarine (Smart Balance is pretty good) and a spoonful of brown sugar. You didn't say it had to be sugar-free or non-fat, right?

      Another favorite in our house is matzoh brie, but we don't restrict it just to breakfast. Sometimes it's a late-night snack. Fallback, sorry to say, is dry cereal and milk.

      During the week, picked up on the way to work, it's usually cut-up fresh fruit from a salad bar, along with fat-free cottage cheese.

      1. At home I like cottage cheese and fruit. If I go out I like a good quiche, which I know has eggs, or if I am lucky some crepes. If I am at a good country diner give me the sausage gravy over biscuits! Hold the eggs! Some sliced tomatoes on the side as well.

        1. I love eggs benedict (the basic idea but can be done many ways) different sauces, fresh avacados and peaches, eggs, different bottoms, brioche, polenta, toast, muffin halfs, you name it.

          Love omletes if different. Asparagus with gruyere, bacon, peach and brie, lots of ideas.

          Also some simple english muffins toasted with fresh peaches, cheese, some granola and spice, same with raspberries and yogurt and chees over english muffins. Some can have ground turkey or smoked salmon, avacado and some cheese or raspberries, gruyere, nuts and apple slices and thin proscuitto ham.

          French toast but unique, I love stuffed with apples and a marscapone topping.

          Oatmeal no, I make that, cottage cheese no, like it but eat it at home.

          I make egg parfaits which I love, shredded hashbrowns on the bottom of a clear glass bowl, some sauteed pancetta, onion and peppers, then a soft egg, topped with cheese and a light cheese cream sauce. Really decadent and good.

          I love crepes but not necessarily for breakfast.

          I had some eggs florentine over a bed a spinach a poached egg, then a creamed spinach cream sauce, not your average sauce. Very nice.

          The best ever which I recreated ... don't have the original recipe. But a avacado, halved and lightly scooped, not all the way, It was topped with a few grilled shallots and red peppers and spicy sausage and then put in the avacado. Topped with a good mexican cheese or a good gruyere or pepper jack will work or similar and then heated until melted. The last couple of minutes put a nice poached egg on top with some salsa. and heat 1 more minute and serve.

          I also had a potato cake made with pancetta, onion and peppers, sauteed topped with sauteed spinach and onions, topped with a cheese and then the egg. Simple but very good.

          Last one a baguette with pesto, olives and a poached egg, topped with a salsa made with tomatoes, avacados and onions. Simple and great.

          I do loves eggs just as eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast.. Sorry. I love the options, but I do often get just standard breakfast and am satisfyed. Depends on the restaurant.

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            I thought the thread was about OTHER than eggs. all yu mentioned was things WITH eggs. What did I miss?

            (I dislike eggs intensely myself, so I hoped I would find some alternatives in this thread)

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              Eggs are my favorite and my go to. Sometimes yogurt but if it is my go to it is eggs. I don't do too much else. Maybe yogurt, but no. Sorry, I'm an egg girl.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                I'm curious as to why the dislike? No judgements, I'm just always interested in the reasons behind food preferences.

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                kchurchill5, Your egg parfaits sound wonderful; any chance you could share the recipe?????

              3. I like to slice a bagel in half and toast it under the broiler. Then I add a couple slices of black forest ham and toast it again under the broiler until the ham is hot. Then I add some cheddar cheese on top and, you guessed it, toast it under the broiler again until the cheese melts. Remove from oven and, careful - it's hot, move to a plate. I usually let mine sit for a half a minute to let it cool enough to touch, or you can use a fork and knife.

                It may not sound like much, but once you try it you'll see.

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                  I like it. I am not picky, I like lots of simple food or all that above. My mom always taught me to like everything. I can eat a box of kraft mac and cheese. May not be the best, but I'll live. but I love the best of the best. Happy with a fried egg, peanut butter and jelly or the best steak money can buy. I learn to appreciate all aspects of cooking. Ham and cheese is classic.

                  I wish I could remember this swiss cheese I get from switzerland, a friend brings it to me. That with some good ham and a pumpernickle bagle and some grilled onions. I"M IN HEAVEN!! So I know what you mean.