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Mar 4, 2009 11:03 AM

Universal Studio Grounds.

We will be at Universal for March Break.
Four Grandkids ranging from 7 -16
They won't want to leave the Theme Park early.
We stayed at Disney a couple of years ago with them, and the same thing happened..
So without leaving the grounds, where are the best places to eat with kids?
Anywhere fun?
Decent Italian, deli, Japanese, Chinese?

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  1. There are a bunch of places to eat in the park and at Citywalk. I like Margaritaville and Hard Rock. The Hotels surrounding the park have different restaurants in them as well which are easily accessible by the free shuttle boats. I like the pub near the Mummy in Universal Studios for lunch, good corned beef sandwich.

    1. First - be prepared for crowds. Spring Break has arrived and so have the tour groups.
      Second - in CItywalk, you have the option for some basic foods - nothing truly great, but nothing that is bad either. These restaurants are designed to accommodate everyone's appetite and tastes, not exceed them. Margaritaville has decent food - and the drinks are worth every penny when you're frazzled by heat and screaming kids. In the parks, I never found anything better than counter service and their burgers and fries. When my hubby and I were teenagers and he worked there, we used to eat at the Character Cafe - IoA's version of a food court. If I was meeting him in US, we'd go to New York and eat at Louie's. Louie's is pretty much Italian by Fazoli's if you've been there but its a family tradition. I can't tell you about the higher priced food on Universal grounds - when we were working at the parks, we couldn't afford it.

      Just enjoy the shows and the rides - this isn't Chowhound territory. That's off park ground in my experience.

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        With my Grandkids, I am not looking for fine dining.
        Just Chow worthy food.
        We are staying at the Portofino Hotel, if that helps.
        We are looking for a relaxed place and a decent meal, after a hectic day.
        We will be there for four nights.
        The only Chowhound of the bunch is the seven year old.
        I love the Turkey Legs at the park, and there is lots of junk food for the kids to grab at lunch.


        You can check out all the restaurants and their menus at the link above. I usually do my eating off grounds but in dire times, Margaritaville or Hard Rock are decent. If you get some adult time, Pat O'Brians is great. Grab a hurricane and listen to some great duel piano players, just be careful, the hurricanes are extremely strong!

        1. If you want to eat while you are in Islands of Adventure park you might want to try Mythos (in the Lost Continent section of the park). The food is pretty good (not amazing but better than most theme-park food) and the restaurant has a lot of style. It has a hidden-caverns-of-Atlantis look to it so it adds to the overall experience of the park. It is a sit down restaurant with table service and so it makes for a nice break from standing in line and walking all day.

          It has won a "best theme park restaurant" award several times. Of course, that's kind of like being head tick on a dead dog in my opinion but's worth going to if you are already at IoA.