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Mar 4, 2009 10:47 AM

Doner Kebab withdrawls in Detroit

After repeatedly traveling through Germany I find that I miss a good greasy Doner Kebab in Tasche or Durum while in the states.

Anybody know where to find one near Detroit burbs?

No, not quite a gyro. Doner when done right are nice layers of marinated lamb (though you sometimes find beef) stacked up on a spit a cooked similar to how we see Gyros done. But Doner is different (more meat taste less herby), meat is fattier (or at least it is often marbled with the consistancy of bacon) and not ground into the loaf. Served with s spicy sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions.....

In Germany you can't walk 20 steps without finding a Doner Kebab stand (best train station food most of the time). Here in US (nein).

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  1. Try the schwarma at the Bucharest Grill in the Park Bar. Not like Middle Eastern shawarma, it's closer to what I remember of the Doner Kebab stands in Germany when I was there many years ago. Very garlicky.

    1. I believe I had some of that when I was staying in the Black Hills. It was available from a Turkish takeaway, and I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I don't know of any available in the local area.

      1. I ate them in many parts of France and England, too. I have to admit, a large appeal was that they were just "there," like a McDonald's or Starbuck's. That's not to say I didn't love them, it was just that their convenience was a big part of why I ate them.
        Let us know if you find out anything about our area.

        1. A little O/T but the inventor of the Doner Kebab, Mahmut Aygun, died in January:

          1. I know thus is an old post, but I just found a place with doners! hasn't tried them, they are closed right is on hayes between 21mile and hall road.... it's called zahi and issa hours