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Mar 4, 2009 10:29 AM

Best Conoli, Eclair, French Napolean in Astoria

My wife and I enjoy the above. However, we have yet to find a dcent one of any of them in Astoria (mostly in the 30 th Avenue/ Broadway area). Any suggestions?


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  1. No one can help on this? Seems simple.

    1. You mean "cannoli"? People say very good things about the cannoli at La Guli bakery on Ditmars, between 29th and 31st. Some have said they're the best in Queens. They're not my favorite pastry, so I can't add to that.

      As for French pastries, there are a few French bakeries around, but I've never heard they're worth a trip.

      1. Back when I lived in Astoria, La Guili was the place to go, and whenever we visit family that's moved down to NC, we still swing through Astoria to hit La Guili to bring cannoli, so give them a try. The original owners bought it back after a time in (i think) the 90's where they didn't own it, and the quality has supposedly gone back to what it was.

        1. I've never had anything great like that in Astoria, but Cannelle in East Elmhurst is fabulous for all of your requests. Just get yourself there, you won't be looking for anywhere else after you've sampled theirs. Do a search, lots of great reports on it, including mine.

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              your hips won't thank me. I started the Cannelle Diet today. I can't go there too often anymore.

          1. I enjoy the pastries at Terrizzi's on 30th Av btwn 35th and 36th Streets. I also like their homemade gelato in the spring and summer.