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Mar 4, 2009 09:18 AM

Best Potato Kugel in Midwood/Flatbush?

The best that Potato Kugel that I could find in Midwood/Flatbush, Brooklyn was at Meisner's on Avenue M - but the store seems to have closed. Any other recommendations for a really good potato kugel?

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  1. As a potato kugel maven, the best i've come across so far is Shicks take-out in Boro Park.. The oil they use alone will last you for all 8 nts. of Chanukah.

    1. Well I think Flatbush Takeout on Coney Island Ave is better, although the potato kugel mavens are fiercely divided should there be an eggy fluffiness like a souffle? Should it be well peppered to give a little kick? Should it be denser and more cake like or is the addition of flour or matzo meal a dilution of the essence of its nature... And a maven selects a different kugel for keeping on the blech for Shabbos morning than for friday night....

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      1. re: EvanM

        Never should have matza meal or flour fillers. The straight stuff: oil, potatoes, eggs, onions, salt, dash pepper, onion powder!
        No vanilla, either. Why do some takeouts load their kugel with vanilla???

      2. MEISNER still has his original store on Avenue I between East 29th and Nostrand. They had the Avenue M store for the kitchen which they used for catering, but now have the former Aperian on Kings Highway and no longer needed the Avenue M kitcken.

        I've found over the past 35 years that Flatbush Takeout on Coney between J and K has always had the best of everything. Meisner's potato kugel is almost as good.

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          I have also bought Flatbush takeout's Potato kugel for many years, as an alternative to Meisner's kugel . I do agree that it's very good. Actually, as far as I understand they make 3 kinds of potato kugel - the round one, which is all potato, a rectangular one that has some filler, and the overnight kugel. I get the round one.
          I was just wondering if anyone makes one that is even better. The Schick's recommendation sounds like it may be too greasy for me, and I was hoping to stick to Flatbush stores.
          Thanks everyone for your input, and hope it keeps coming.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Overnight Kugel usually refers to potato kugel that has been left to bake overnight (usually with a pan of steaming water underneath), to give it that special "Overnight" taste. Go into any good takeout (preferably in Boro Park) and ask for some. You will not be disappointed!