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Mar 4, 2009 09:04 AM

Thai Nongkhai - Calgary South

After reading mostly good things about Thai Nongkhai (#10, 7400 Macleod Trail SE), Miss L and I finally made time to check out their Thai buffet. It was Tuesday, about 12:30 and the place was very busy. A good sign. After waiting for some time for the buffet to refill, we had a sampling of rice, beef, chicken and noodles. The other choices seemed never to refill, or we were just slow. I really wanted some Tom Yum soup, but their version didn't look very appetizing, so I passed. Both of us thought the rice was good, just sticky enough. We also had the Beef with Basil, which we were utterly disappointed with. The beef was not tender at all, and basil never reached the dish. Instead, it was loaded with a very powerful chili which made the chewy beef almost inedible. Don't misunderstand, both L and I love hot spice, so we should have been able to handle it. However, we couldn't. This beef dish literally spoiled all else on the plate. The green shrimp curry was very average. The Pad Thai were really just noodles, and not particularly interesting. Lots of zucchini filler, which seemed out of place. Canned pineapple. No potato. We were both very disappointed. We didn't experience any of the unique Thai flavors that we expected from each dish. Everything just blended into a taste that reminded me of generic Asian food. Having said all of this, the place is very popular and busy, even though it is a little hard to find in this little strip plaza off Macleod Trail South. Service was good and very friendly.

For a long time now, we have been searching for good Thai food in Calgary, without much success. Spice Club is the best we have found so far, but it's not quite at the top of the list. In Canada, in our opinion, Thai Satay and More in Oakville, ON is as good as it gets. We've lived in Calgary for 28 years, travel a lot across the country, and we find that Calgary has a real shortage of good Thai restaurants.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I always wonder how their lunch buffet is. I've been to their dinner many times, and find that their food is good but nothing exceptional. Also, I find it a little too expensive for my own taste.

    Have you been to Thai Place West before? I like their Pad Thai there.

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      Yes, we have. And it was pretty good. There's a stream on Thai Place West here:

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        This may be a redundant question, but have you been to Chili Club? That is my fav in Calgary.....

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          Yes, we have. In my original post I wrote Spice Club but meant to say Chili Club. It's quite good and I do like it. But it still has a bit of a way to go before it gets to the GREAT level.

    2. Have you been to Thai Sa On or Thai Boat? Have not been to either place but have heard much good.

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        Thanks, John. Will try both as soon as we're back from TO. I've also heard good things about Thai Sa On. Can't wait to see how they measure up.

      2. Interesting - we've eaten there many times (including last night) but never the buffet, and its always been very good.

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          Agree. Their Larb Moo, papaya salad, and fried Tilapia with sweet/sour sauce are top-notch. However, their prices, unfortunately, are on the higher side.