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Mar 4, 2009 08:59 AM

Good Grocery 70114(that delivers too?)

Hi, Mom lives in NOLA(Westbank), I am in Chicago. She called & asked me to send her some decent, real, whole wheat bread & some Vienna products. She doesn't get around very easily, & I wondered if anyone knew of a decent grocer that carried something closer to a whole wheat bread as opposed to a brown "wonder" bread. I know there's a Whole Foods somewhere there, but I was hoping for someplace that delivered. Here at home we have Peapod, but I can't seem to find anything similar down there. I suppose I can find some stuff thru net.grocer, but was hoping to do it locally for her-Any suggestions? Thanks Much

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  1. I am not aware of any grocers on the Westbank that deliver. Sorry.

    1. United Cabs offeres grocery service. According to the website:

      "Need Groceries? Call our service number with a short shopping list and we will pick it up and bring it to your door. We collect upon delivery."

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        I have a feeling bringing groceries to Algiers from a New Orleans cab company could get pretty pricey.

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            I know where Algiers is...I live in Algiers Point. But it's still across the CCC. I took a cab from Harrah's to my house in the point and it was ...let's just say...not cheap. I just couldn't see calling a cab company to drive across the bridge from New Orleans into Algiers to buy you groceries being a reasonable solution. If there are cab companies on the Westbank that offer that service, then I could see it being an option.

      2. You can certainly find whole wheat products on the WB but I do not know what you mean by Vienna products. Delivery I can imagine is a problem. I shop with an elderly person that doesn't drive and maybe I could be of some help.

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          yeah, i'm sure that there are plenty of nice people out there that would be willing to help you out. ie. take her shopping or pick some stuff up! i would hate to think of my mom eating bad food because she couldn't get around.

          1. re: mortalcoil

            I live right near the whole foods in Metairie, and would be glad to pick things up for her