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Mar 4, 2009 08:51 AM

Persian in Summit, NJ

Anyone tried the new Persian restaurant in Summit?

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  1. Never heard of a Persian place in Summit, but I would love to try it. Do you have the name or location?

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      Sorry, I don't know the name. It's on Springfield Avenue, in the space that used to house a Chinese restaurant. Not too far from the Broadway Grill.

    2. Was there last night for the second time. The bread was served only with an appetizer but was stale, packaged pita. My vegetarian friend has a three appetizer plate which was very good. Our dishes had a large portion of rice, and a little meat (lamb shank, chicken or salmon). The spinach rice and orange rice was delicious but most dishes come with white rice. The service is good and the decor attractive. The menu should be tweaked a little to allow different combinations. It was good but similar food (Afghan) can be found at Silk Road in Warren, which has wonderful homemade warm Afghan bread, vegetarian entrees and a choice of rice.

      1. The name of the place is Negeen, and it's horrible, IMO. Everything we ordered was bland and tasteless...nothing like some of the other Persian places in the surrounding towns (Pamir in Morristown, for example). I can recommend nothing about the place except for the outdoor seating.

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          (This was my review back in June when I went there)
          Just ate there for the first time last night, and we won't be going back. I can't claim to know Iranian food as this was my first time, but I DO know most other Middle-Eastern food, and this was the blandest I've ever had by far. I started with their Negeen's Soup (I always look for the "signature" dish that a restaurant puts their name on), which was described as a "combination of cilantro, rice, chicken and spices". It tasted like cilantro in a mild chicken stock, with no spices at all. I ordered the "Sabzi Polo", which is "Basmati rice mixed with different herbs and garlic, served with chicken breast or leg". The rice is loaded with herbs, but again no spice at all, and the chicken was basically tasteless, like they put it on a kabob and cooked it plain. My GF had the "Boneless Chicken Kabob" which was "Large juicy skewer chicken tender or breast marinated with saffron, lemon juice, and onions". It came with plain basmati rice (cooked with butter or ghee, unfortunately, if you're watching your health) and the chicken wasn't much tastier than mine, although you got a hint of lemon flavor. A soda costs you $2.50, and dinner for two (with one soup appetizer) cost $48.00. If this is what Persian food tastes like for real, I'm glad I live here. We won't be going back.