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Mar 4, 2009 08:50 AM

Help. Inexperienced Bachelor Needing Recipes :)


I'm trying to pinch pennies a bit more lately, and I was just relocated to a new town. For my job i drive about 1000 miles a week and am out of my home 4 out of 7 days. Im starting to tire of fast food and restaurant bills every day. I was wondering if anyone had any recipes that worked well to save some dough, as well as could keep for weeks at a time...and if possible could be mobile food for while im on the go. I do have a cooler in my car usually.


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  1. I would say that keeping anything that could keep weeks at a time would have to be frozen. And unfortunately that most likely means reheated. Do you have access to a microwave? I haven't tried this but pesto freezes beautifully, add to cooked pasta and add frozen cooked shrimp, maybe some frozen peas and store in the freezer and I'm guessing it would be a nice meal when thawed.

    1. This is such a broad question, it might help to narrow it down by telling us what kinds of foods you like, what kinds of foods you have available in your area, and what your level of cooking skill is.

      1. Are you looking for things to only take with you when you're traveling? Or do you want things for when you're home, as well? What sort of appliances (microwave, cook top, oven, toaster oven, crockpot, etc.) Do you have access to, or are you willing to invest in?

        It's a whole lot easier for us to narrow it down for you when we have this sort of information. :)

        1. Not sure if you have a particular nutritional regimen, but I'm stocking up on Paleo Kits in preparation for the busy season at work.

          Other than that and frozen foods like jules mentions, anything that would keep for weeks at a time and would be marginally healthy are items such as canned salmon/tuna, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, beef/bison/turkey/etc jerky. Could pop into a store and get fresh fruits and salad vegetables from the prepared foods bar. Personally not a big fan of the meal replacements or protein bars.

          1. Hey srgilber,

            I'd recommend a slow cooker (crock pot), and a cookbook written for slow cooking, a wok, and a cookbook on stir-fry (it's fast and simple). Make enough for 3 or 4 meals at a time, freeze anything you will not use in 2 or 3 days and go from there.