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Best Fish and Chips (Dallas)

My husband and I were wracking our brains the other day to try to remember where we have had good fish and chips. I'm talking the light, tempura like batter... not corn meal. Fried cod or halibut or something... not catfish or tilapia. Just the classic Brittish fish and chips. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's not something I've eaten at a lot of places around town but I had it at the Fillmore in downtown Plano and it was pretty good and as you described.

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      Seconding Fillmore's fish and chips, I'd go either there or Trinity Hall.

    2. Old Monk or Idle Rich - same owners...great fish and chips!!

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        Totally agree! Old Monk, Idle Rich, and Black Friar. All the same owners. Nice portions, crunchy fish, good chips, and lots of malt vinegar!!!!

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          Drooling over memory of this fish and chips. I've been gone from Dallas over 4 years and still think of this often!

      2. Didn't have it but I saw it at Fox and Hound bar. It looked really good, but like I said I haven't tried it.

        1. The Fish and Chips at the Porch are the best I've had so far. Really, Really good.

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            I second this. Don't let the high price keep you from ordering it, however. The portion is absolutely massive (4 large battered fish filets and a mound of fries) so you can split the plate and the cost with a friend.

          2. Another vote for the Fillmore Pub, also Lochrann's Pub in Frisco..

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              wow really Lochrann's the culinary group ate there and universally thought it was awful. Horrible flavor profile and so so fry quality.

            2. Cotton Patch Cafe's have a fish and chips basket that is actually pretty good and consistant. It's beer battered very crunchy fish, a large portion enough to share.

              I actually started a thread on fish and chips a few months ago if you want to check out the replies I got then....


              We did try SeaBreeze after the suggestions but I wasn't impressed... I actually like Cotton Patch better, go figure LOL

              1. I'm not a fish and chips gal, but I do like the Old Monk. They use really good fish. I think the waitress said they used cod. Their mussels and frites are also nice.

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                1. I like the fish & chips at Trinity Hall in Dallas at Mockingbird Station. Be sure to order a side of curry sauce to dip the "chips" in ... yummy.

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                    I've tried the fish & chips at both Trinity Hall locations. Tasteless cornmeal coating. The curry had a very odd sweetness, without a hint of curry. Ick. Their chips and queso are terrific and the beer selection rocks.

                    Trinity Hall
                    5321 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 250, Dallas, TX 75206

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                      Trinity Hall's coating is thick and unmanagebly and most incredibly inedible.

                      Trinity Hall
                      5321 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 250, Dallas, TX 75206

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                        i agree DD, Trinity has probably the lb for lb worst fish and chips i've eaten. i'm gonna go with Porch.

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                      I will vote for Fillmore Pub in old downtown Plano. Seabreeze would be a close 2nd........Don't know if its true or not, but I thought I heard the owners of the Fillmore used to work at the Monk????

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                        it's true that the owners of the Fillmore used to work at the Old Monk:


                    2. You need to try the Fish n' Chips at Victory Tavern. Beer batter tempura and hand cut french fries. Best in town!

                      1. The Old Monk and Tipperrary Inn.

                        1. I hate this thread. ;=] It now has me wracking my brain as to where it was that I used to go all the time and only order Fish and Chips. ;=[

                          1. Had the fish and chips today at the Filmore as I work out North. they were pretty dang good and they did pour a proper pint of Guiness on St. Paddy's, so that was good.

                            1. Ye Shire off of George Bush Frwy in Richardson isn't bad. In fact it is the only thing the wife and I eat there.