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Mar 4, 2009 08:26 AM

Rec for group of 30

Anyone know of a good place that can hold a group of 30 that is reasonably priced ($20 or less person)? I'm wondering if anyone knows of any PDRs within this price range... The location is flexible, W. Philly, Center City, NoLibs, Italian Market, etc. Thanks in advance.

Friedrich Yarn

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  1. PDRs - Possible dining recommendations? Sorry just want to make sure I know what you are asking.
    I would suggest Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden. BYO, very reasonable. Great folks and could take 30.

    Also, Villa D'roma might work as would some of the Chinatown places - Vietnam, Rangoon come to mind although they have liquor licenses which might make your bill less predictable

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Thanks for the recs. By PDR I meant "private dining rooms." Really, I just want somewhere capable of holding 30 people without too much sweat and tears.

      Sazon looks wonderful. How's the food and ambiance?

      1. re: croissantanyone

        I love the food and the young couple who run it (he's front of the house, she cooks) are great. ambiance - eh, not so great, but for $20/per I doubt there are many amazing spaces. It does not have a private dining room, but the restaurant holds barely more than 40 I'd guess. I have seen over half the room full with one party before.