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Mar 4, 2009 07:57 AM

Goldfish in Ossining

Going there for girls night/dinner out. Any feedback? Not too many posts listed for this place so any comments would be appreciated. Looks like the have a nice Prix Fixe menu.

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  1. I have been there several times, ordering from the prix fixe menu, and have found the food tasty (especially the roasted cod and the strip steak), the portions satidfying but smallish, the service attentive, and the ambience pleasant. I look forward to returning .

    1. I haven't been there recently ( Have never been there during prix fixe) But have always enjoyed my meals. You'll definately be happy with the decision!

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        Thx Otis and Sam. Looking forward to going. I'll let you know how the Friday Prix fixe goes.

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          Back from Goldfish.
          The space and vibe are very nice but be careful, the place is hard to find! Right in the middle of a residential street. Service was good. Since we were a group of women catching up and chatting, the slow pace of the meal was just fine. We all noted, had we been here with family, we would have called the service very slow. We all had drinks, martinis and wine which were all nice size and serrved perfectly. We all opted for the 4 course prix fixe. The family style appetizers were all very good and enough was served for our table of 5. Clams, oysters from raw bar were mediocre at best. Calamari, fried shrimp and smoked salmon were all very good and the mussels in garlic broth were delicious. Next was a choice of soup or salad. I tasted the NE clam chowder and it was delicious. Light, creamy and peppery with a nice bit of chopped clams. I had a romaine salad which consisted of a half head of romaine hearts on the plate, coated with a caesar type dressing and garnished with anchovy. It was dissapointing because after you cut through the top layer of lettuce that was dressed, the rest was plain lettuce.The other salad of arugula, asparagus, gorgonzola and pears was a better choice. Just a side note but very important...the bread served was outstanding. Warm crusty casa, multi grain roll, salt sticks, amazing. I have to say that the entree portions were very large..all except the lobster. I had the cod with broccoli rabe in a lemon broth, very tasty. The lobster was served in the shell, which was a surprise to all that ordered, it was a small lobster(11/4lbs?)but they enjoyed it served with roasted potato and artichoke hearts. The other choice at the table was the tuna in wonton wrapper with wasabi. The portion was very large and the flavor on that dish was good as well. The mashed potatoes vere nice and garlicy but a bit watery. By the way, you could also order an entree from the specials they have and have it be a part of the prix fixe, nice touch.They ruined it with dessert! Served family style, it was a platter of fruit and a few...I mean few ..micro pieces of cake garnishing it. After a wonderful meal, it was really a bad ending. Its sad because the tiny bit of cake that I tasted was good. I would definitly go back again. The value was outstanding. Good food at a very reasonable price.

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            Nice review... I haven't been since it first opened, will have to return.

      2. went there a few years ago, it was decent. I do remember deseert being nothing too impressive

        1. I went to Goldfish for my birthday dinner last night (Tuesday). They didn't even ask if we wanted a regular menu... Price Fixe was it. If you don't have dietary restrictions, the food looked amazing. However, I have dietary restrictions, and my husband is on a diet. The food they have is very fatty, and they were not all that accommodating. I left very hungry - having eaten a piece of lettuce and 3 scallops. (We took home the dessert for the kids.) The scallops were very, very delicious, but 3 was not enough when it was all I could eat. They tried to make asparagus for me, but when I sent it back to be cooked more, they put oil on it - making it so that I could not eat it. When I asked for a glass of sparkling wine, I was told they only had white zin. We will not be going back, but I can see how it's a marvelous deal if you are lucky enough to be able to eat whatever you want.

          1. Just got back from an early girls dinner night out--wow, what a deal the $15 fixed price menu is! I had the mussels appetizer, which were a decent portion of plump juicy mussels in a garlicky garlic sauce; the scallops main course, which, although there only 3, they were HUGE, and well cooked, served on a bed of asparagus, spinach and peppers with a side of potato cake; and chocolate pyramid for dessert, which was ok. Wine was a little pricey at $9 a glass for a mediocre pinot noir, but I can't complain given the cost and quality of dinner. Definitely recommend (for the fixed price, anyway).