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Mar 4, 2009 07:51 AM

Raleigh area - ISO Chinese sweet rice cakes

Back when I lived in California, there was a little Chinese bakery that used to make sweet glutinous rice cakes. They looked like gelatinous off-white slabs, cut in rectangles or triangles. Somewhat soft and squishy, and made your fingers sticky. I loved these things as a snack or a dessert!

Do you know of a place in the Triangle that has these available?

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  1. Hi,

    Have you tried Andy's Bakery in the Grand Asia Market - Cary? I've seen them in some of the Oriental grocers in Greensboro - I suppose I could always ship some to you :)

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    1. re: mbsimmons

      Grand Asia was my first thought too, but no luck there.

    2. Mithai in Cary's Chatham Square is Indian and may prepare something similar.

      Biryani House
      744 E Chatham St Ste B, Cary, NC 27511

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      1. re: AreBe

        I suppose it's worth a shot! :)

      2. The bakery at Grand Asia does do glutinous rice pastries but they don't have them all the time. They don't look like bars, though. They have peanut balls and sometimes coconut balls. The size is maybe something like a golf ball on steroids. I don't ever recall seeing any plain ones but you could always ask.