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Mar 4, 2009 07:48 AM

Suggestions for Mother-Daughter trip

We are staying around midtown, around 60th, East side. Need suggestions for breakfast spots, Pizza, Deli, burgers, Italian and French. Also dinner near the theatre district. Would like to keep prices for entrees up to $30. Would like to stay in the area. We are from New Orleans and do not have good pizza and deli. Thanks!

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  1. In the theater district. I recommend Scarlatto on 47th Street. Many entrees $15 and under. Desserts $7. If your daughter is a teenager, she might enjoy the trendy ambience of Tao on E 58th near your hotel. We recently enjoyed the $24.07 3 course lunch (available weekdays) which had many choices. The Asian Fusian dishes were beautifully presented, service was friendly. Lunch is a good deal since dinner prices are $25 + for entree only. Plus lunchtime is quieter, no waiting, and less attitude.You can make reservations online at
    See menu:

    250 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036

    42 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022

    1. The BEST deli in the city, Katz's, is out of your desired travel circumference...Are you sure you want to limit yourself to one area? :)

      For your location, here's some ideas (use to find addresses and view menus):
      Breakfast: Dishes
      Pizza: Angelo's Pizza
      Burgers: Pop Burger, while not the best burger in the city, is a fun and unique concept that, IMO, is very "New York"
      Italian: Mia Dona (for the spaghetti & meatballs), Luna Piena (always reliable
      )French: Bistro Chat Noir

      1. Norma's at Park and 57th is fantastic for a mother-daughter breakfast/brunch. I know because I've had one there.

        1. I have recently come back from a trip to the FQ and yes there is no good pizza. Ther a plain slice from:
          Bleeker Street
          John's on Carmine St.
          and an artichoke slice from:

          Bleecker Street Pizza
          69 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

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              French Quarter, in New Orleans. I also found no good pizza there, but even good Louisiana pizza is a completely different food from New York pizza.

          1. For breakfast (and lunch), my favorite in your area is Certe on 55th St. btw. 5 & 6th Aves. It looks like strictly takeout when you peer in, but there is a small dining room in back (where they also prep catering oders). It is a warm and welcoming place, but most important, the food is great and resonable -- warning: excellent homemade baked goods, including the best scones anywhere. You will feel like you are eating in someone's cozy kitchen.