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Mar 4, 2009 07:39 AM

Favorite Free Wine Tastings in Napa?

What are your favorite FREE tasting rooms in the Napa Valley? Napa has a reputation for being expensive, but I know there are some bargains available. For example, I love the fact that Heitz Cellars doesn't charge for its tastings, but has some lovely wines/ports. Are there others folks can recommend?

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  1. i like august briggs. . .

    however, to me what's more valuable are those places that don't charge if you buy a bottle...

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    1. re: VenerableBede

      Thanks VenerableBede. I checked out their website, and it looks great. I must be getting old, because I miss the "good ol' days" in Napa when you could find free, low key, tasting rooms, often staffed by family or winemakers. On the other hand, I really prefer the current food offerings :)

      1. re: kresge86

        Pride and Paloma, but appts are necessary.

    2. Old list of free tastings. Caveat, things change, call first.

      Remember when the whole Trinchero family used to great you before white zinfandel?

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      1. re: wolfe

        Thanks baron45 and wolfe. For others out there, I thought I should mention that tastings at Frank Family are still free. I'm not a huge fan of their wines, but the tasting experience is quite nice. They start you off in one room with their sparkling wines, and then you move into a separate room for non-sparkling wines. The location is beautiful, and the tastings are held in a renovated old farmhouse.

        1. re: BN1

          Many wineries do deduct the fee if you purchase a bottle. Also, many wineries never charge you for tasting if you purchase a bottle when you check out. They just quietly waive the fee. Two different things. Re: traffic: There are ways around the madness. Stay off Highway 29, and take the back roads, like the locals.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            On the fee issue, unfortunately waived fees have not been my experience. Only Mr. Milat waived off any fees and that was before I purchased several of his fine wines on a most enjoyable visit.

      2. The original comment has been removed