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Mar 4, 2009 07:22 AM

Bridges Restaurant in Quicken Arena [Cleveland]

Anyone been to this restaurant. We're going to a Cavs game in a couple of weeks and would like to have dinner before the game. If Bridges is any good, it would be convenient. Or other suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  1. I would personally go to one of the restaurants on East 4th street, which is right around the corner from the Q. If you have never been to Lola, it is a wonderful experience. A more reasonable, but less memorable meal, can be had at La Strada. It is a romantic atmosphere with good food, but IMO a distant second to Lola.

    1. I wouldn't eat there either, would also recommend 4th street. If you're watching your $ you could try Flannery's (Irish pub) or House of Blues, might be a little cheaper than Lola or La Strada.

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        Thanks for the advice kathryn and rockandroller. I have hear good things about Lola. Do you need to dress up there or can you go casual? Thanks.

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          You can get as dressed up as you want but chic or business casual is fine. I love Lola too!

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            If you're going to follow the Lola suggestion, I urge you to make your reservation as far ahead as you can - one can't always simply stroll in to Lola and expect to be seated. It's worth taking the trouble to ensure you can get in, though -- there's a reason you can hardly have a Cleveland thread on Chowhound without someone name-checking Lola.