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Durian cake at Eldo

Last week I stopped by Eldo Cake House in Chinatown for something sweet after dinner. Upon entering the shop, I smelled the strong fragrance of durian. I asked the woman there about the smell, and she said the pastry chef is making a durian cake for a customer.

The durian cake is not available on the spot, but if you order it in advance, they will make one for you.

Just FYI in case anyone feels like having a durian cake for their birthday!

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  1. What, and scare all the guests away?!

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    1. re: TheScribe

      Yeah, so that you get to eat the cake all by yourself!

      Or, bring it to your worst enemy's birthday party.

    2. Why go to the trouble of ordering a Durian cake? All you'd need to do is take some old, dirty gym socks and bake those in the oven on low heat for a while, and PRESTO...;)

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      1. re: mwk

        I liken the smell of durian more to a super-concentrated, extremely potent fart, and I am being totally serious. Yuck, and why why why??

      2. To each his own...It's the King of the Fruits in some circles!

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          Are there any people in those circles here on the board? Always been curious, but then you read about how awful it is and I figure I'll just have my pineapple bubble tea or whatever.
          Any durian defenders?

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Love that fruit! Great smell, texture, rich creamy taste. Best to eat it fresh when it's in season in south east asia.

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            durian is king... i'm a defender. had it only once and always looking for it!

          3. I immediately thought of - is it Starbucks that pumps coffee aroma to the outside to lure customers? The idea of baking durian and the aroma eminating from such a nasty endeavor would have the the general public running for gas masks.

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            1. re: Gio

              I did not detect the aroma outside of the shop, nor just inside the shop until I was close to the display case.

              My visit was around 6pm or so, and I want to think that they *try* to make the durian cake late in the day when there are fewer customers.

              However, having said that, I suppose most customers, mainly Chinese, don't have such an adverse reaction to the smell of durian than Americans.

            2. I can't imagine what a durian cake might smell/taste like, but I'll defend durian shakes. They're addictive. That sort of rotting garbage/old onion smell combined with a sweet, custardy, creamy taste and texture....I love them. My poor family.

              1. I'm definitely a durian defender. :) I know to some people it smells foul (even my cousin, who is also Chinese, hates the smell), but I grew up with the stuff, so I love it! My mom used to always buy me a durian birthday cake when I was younger, and I have to say that I was bummed the first year I didn't get one (I got a regular ol' white cake instead).

                Thanks for the tip, y2000k! Maybe I'll get myself one for my birthday away from home this year! ;)

                    1. re: PeteStreet

                      Yup! Love that L + O! It's what my mom gave me - fried in shmaltz....

                    2. I don't if anyone is a fan of Andrew Zimmern(Bizarre foods) or Anthony Bourdain(No Reservations), but we are huge fans, and that's how we were lead to try it. Andrew hates it and Anthony loves it! We are definitely on the love side. We picked one up at a corner market in Chinatown, NYC and were a bit nervous at first! The initial smell is, to say the least, overpowering, but the fruit is sweet, soft, and delicious! Don't knock til' you try it!