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Mar 4, 2009 07:12 AM

Need real Italian in Seattle

Any recommendations for authentic Italian for Seattle...hoping to find something in the downtown area..staying @ the Fairmont, but will taxi!

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  1. Tulio's is a great Italian place in the downtown area.

    1. Il Terrazzo Carmine is not cheap, but it is excellent. It's at the south end of Pioneer Square, less than a mile south of your hotel on 1st Avenue (just south of Jackson st.). It is somewhat hard to spot from the street, enter through the lobby of the Merrill Place building.

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        Il Terrazzo Carmine closely resembles the food I experienced in Italy. They also provide impeccible, professional service. Old school is often the best school.

      2. Tavolata in Belltown - 2nd and Bell
        Spinasse is not far from downtown - a short cab ride to 14th and Madison on Capital Hill

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          I used to love La Fontana on Blanchard btw 1st and 2nd in Belltown.

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            Second both of these places (Tavolata & Spinasse) -- both serve a great if somewhat upscale bowl of pasta. They couldn't otherwise be much different -- Tavolata is a beautiful soaring space crammed with sleek Belltowners, while Spinasse is a cramped neighborhood joint.

            If you're staying downtown, both are a nice walk, albeit an uphill one to Spinasse; it's maybe a mile straight up the hill on Pike.

            BTW- I'd recommend reservations at either.

          2. Cucina De Ra in Belltown across the street from the Seattle Art Museum sculpture park.

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              Our familie's favorite in seattle is Salvatore. Small fantastic Italian in the University district on Roosevelt. It's a 10 minute drive from downtown. Seats about 40 and it is AUTHENTIC. THe owner I think is from Naples.
              Great wild boar, beef, seafood, pasta. My favorite is the Amarone sundae. Great TIramisu Too.
              Neighborhood: Roosevelt
              6100 Roosevelt Way NE
              Seattle, WA 98115
              (206) 527-9301

            2. I did an externship at a restaurant in NW Italy in the Piemonte region in 2002 and 2003.......just had dinner Monday night at Cascina Spinasse on 14th between Pine and Pike.....its strictly Piemontese food and wine and some of the best and most authentic food i've had outside of Italy .....the staff was also very real and gracious and the setting looks like they shipped a lil Osteria over ...A+++