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Mar 4, 2009 07:01 AM

Good Red Sauce Italian in western burbs of Philly?

Looking for a simple, good traditional red-sauce Italian restaurant in the western suburbs of Philly? Anywhere from Ardmore to Paoli - Any suggestions?

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  1. i'm a really big fan of ristorante primavera in wayne - but quick it ain't. the "good waiter" seems to have quit, and the guy working there now (though i do enjoy his dry sense of humor) is slower than molasses! their sauce is wonderful, nothing surprising on the menu, just well-executed dishes.

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      1. It may be a bit upscale from red sauce and gravy but 4 of us went to Pepperonchini in Conchi and we all had a very good meal. I dont know if there are any old school italian places like that left on the Main Line...