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Mar 4, 2009 06:53 AM

KC Lunch

I can't decide. Fellow KC foodies, help me out... I am going to be in the mid town area and willing to travel as far south as waldo, east as paseo, west as metcalf and as far north as around zona rosa.

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  1. Ethnic, BBQ, bar & grill, etc?

    1. price, party size, occasion. etc.?

      1. Pot Pie, Blanc, Room 39, Michael Smith or Xtra Virgin.

        1. I had some fish tacos for lunch today @Oak 63 (?). They were fresh and tasty. The prices are more than reasonable and the server was nice. I'm gonna check out dinner. The chef was from Chez B downtown. I liked eating lunch @that place when it was open.

          1. I agree with Pot Pie and Blanc, but Cafe Europa is a a great option, too. The ruben is amazing, and the desserts are beyond belief!