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Mar 4, 2009 06:15 AM

Restaurants outside of New Orleans

We have been visiting New Orleans for one month now (with one more to go). I have eaten at great restaurants Brightsen's, Cochon, Herbsaint, Stella, August (not great but very good) etc. and not such great restaurants - Luke for us was not very good but maybe it was an off night.

We would like to get outside of New Orleans to try something different. What are the places that we should try? We would like to go to the bayou. Is there any there that you would recommend? We have a car so we could travel most anywhere.

By the way Brightsen's is on fire right now. The food is the best I have ever had there and to me it is always good!!


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  1. Native New Orleaneans travel to the MS Gulf Coast to eat all the time, especially Vrazel's on the beach in Gulfport, Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House, and the many restaurants we have situated on bayous, lakes, and rivers. Suggest you start with Vrazel's and ask the chef/owner where to go next. Vrazel's itself is worth the drive - food is wonderful and the view is magnificent. Owner's name is Bill, I think. Great place!

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      Oh, and there's a fabulous French restaurant in nearby Lacombe, LA called La Provence - tel. 985-626-7662 for directions - And Sal and Judy's is nearby, too.
      In our experience (my husband is from NOLA) it's almost impossible to find anything bad to eat in south Louisiana. Just take off and head for Lacombe, Lafayette, even Baton Rouge - good eats all around!

    2. Palmettos in Slidell is on the Bayou and it's great for Sunday lunch and eating out on the deck.

      Also there is Restaurant des Familles in Crown Point.

      1. There is always la Provence across the Lake..word of late is that Joe's Dreyfus Store in Livonia , near New Roads, is back up and quite good but I have not been would give you a nice run about in the country and you could swing down to Cecilia, henderson and Atchafalaya country.

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          We ate at Joe's Dreyfus Store about a month ago, and it was excellent. Since it was our first visit, though, I have no basis for comparison.

        2. Middendorfs's in Manchac has wonderful catfish. Go over into Mississippi and eat at Trapani's in Bay St Louis, Ricky's (around there somewhere- I think they just reopened after Katrina), Blow Fly Inn in Gulfport, the White Cap is supposed to reopen there within the next week or two(!), Lil Ray's for poboys, etc...

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            Chester's Cypress Inn in Chacahoula (just past Houma, off of 90). Fried chicken, frog legs, seafood, and onion rings. Place has never changed. It's like walking back in time.

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              Have you been in recently? I haven't, in several years. I would be very happy to know that it's still the same old place.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Last time was probably this past fall. I guess I generally make it about once or twice a year. But no, absolutely nothing has changed. Same mustard yellow walls, starched napkins, highball glasses for your can of beer, menu, humming window units.......same customers, too.

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                  I might have to drag my daddy there for lunch on Friday!

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                    Update: dad says it's only open in the evenings.

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                      hmmm.....that's odd. I've only eaten there for lunch.

                      Just googled it. Evidently only open for lunch on Sundays. Guess that explains that. I usually stop on my way back home from a weekend in NOLA.

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              I'll second Middendorf's & while you are there check out the new deck as well as the chicken coop and albino catfish pond. Some of the rescue kitties will let you pet them too, especially Midnight and Dog. The gumbo, remoulade, bbq shrimp and even the burger are all great. Many love the thin fried catfish but I'm a broiled kinda person. Broiled softshell crabs are heaven. Stay away from the stuffed crab or shrimp, IMO. The newer restaurants in LaPlace on the lake are Frenier Landing and Crab Trap. If you go be sure to get a snowball in the spot above the Crab Trap. We really like Frenier and have only had top notch food and service (get the crab au gratin). You can dine outside on the second floor and have a beautiful view of the lake and fishing community. The Crab Trap is mostly boiled seafood. They have no a/c so if it's 90 degrees out you're relying on fans to keep you cool.

            3. Thank you all so much for your prompt response. Will post full report on all restaurants soon.